Kundali bhagya 7 May 2021 Written update

Kritika additionally says that Preeta thoroughly took care of her, the investigator says that Preeta did everything in light of Kritika as she was desirous of her and wanted to wed Shristhi to Akshay, Kritika alongside Shristhi stand up saying that it all a made up story which is bogus, the adjudicator cautions them to not reason the disdain of court as everybody would be allowed an admission opportunity to introduce themselves remaining in the observer box,

Karan races to the legal counselor inquiring as to for what reason isn’t busy, the legal advisor answers that he doesnot have anything to say in light of the fact that the state attorney is introducing a great deal of confirmations for which he doesnot have an answer and they just observer which they had has left the court, he says that from his perspective they will lose the case and assuming Karan needs to win it, ought to carry Ruchika to the court.


Preeta is embracing Karan in the court when she is pulled away yet the two of them actually don’t leave their hands and Karan by and by pulls her nearer embracing her indeed.


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