Scene starts with Preeta asks Krithika that how she met Akshay and says she needs to hear her romantic tale. Krithika says she met him in school and he was truly renowned understudy yet she is his first young lady companion. She says he never conversed with any young ladies other than her in school however she was in pressure when he left for Dubai since he never picked her calls so she figured he will drop the marriage by observing the distance he kept up from her. She says then he clarified that he was occupied with his business issues and now all is well.

Preeta says Krithika is a particularly credulous and sweet young lady. Krithika says she is energized for her marriage and can’t envision an existence without him. She says first time she met him close to library and they slammed into one another and that is the means by which their story began. Sristy thinks Preeta is strained however Sherlyn, Mahira is in quiet mind-set then what could be the explanation.

Sherlyn reveals to Mahira that she saw Preeta and Akshay and as per him Preeta was enquiring him and to the extent she knows him Preeta would have seen him with some other young lady. Mahira says they needs to utilize the present circumstance and ought to actuate Akshay against Preeta and in the event that this marriage stops, at that point everybody will accuse Preeta. Sherlyn says they will do everything except for Preeta will be accused and for Krithika, Karan won’t stop for a second to toss Preeta out of the house and obviously Krithika will loathe Preeta.

Mahira says for Karan his family is significant so this arrangement will work. Preeta was going to fall yet Karan saves her and says he is saving her at whatever point she was going to fall. She expresses gratitude toward him. Kareena reproves Preeta for her conduct and advises her that she assumed liability of Krithika’s marriage so in the event that can’t deal with that, at that point she will handover to Mahira. Preeta says she is additionally energized for Krithika’s marriage and she will deal with everything. Kareena advises her to focus on arrangements.

In Arora house, Preeta enlightens everything concerning Akshay to Sarla and Sristy. She says she can’t advise straightforwardly everything to Luthra’s on the grounds that everybody is content with this marriage particularly Krithika. She says Krithika resembles Sristy for her so she needs to ensure her. Sristy cries in desire so Preeta reassures her and causes her to see at that point apologize to her moreover. Sristy says she isn’t envious however stung. Preeta says she cherishes her most on the planet. Sristy says now they will shield Krithika from Akshay.

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