Sherlin strolls to the store room, thinking how the Luthra’s had almost annihilated Prithvi and his family, she was going to get hitched to him yet her whole life was destroyed as a result of them so she had to wed Rishab and hazard her life to additional their retribution, Mahesh came to think about them and chose to uncover them, anyway she wanted to execute him however was not fruitful, she chooses a container of lamp oil and plans to slaughter them all if her arrangement is uncovered, she shouts that she would make this Holi the keep going for their family.

Mahesh is gradually strolling towards Pawan, he doesnot remember him. Pawan is looking for his sibling anyway can’t discover him, he inquires as to whether he has seen him anyway is stressed as Mahesh takes a gander at him. Read More…..