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She tells him that she won’t say something from now on. He scoffs her for now no longer keeping apart Karan and Preeta. She asks him that what he did to split them. He says to her that he’s anticipating the proper chance.

Karan video calls Dr Aanchal to understand approximately Preeta’s file. Dr Aanchal tells Luthra’s that Preeta’s fertility problems may also take long term to resolve. Preeta cries listening to her and runs to her room. Karan follows her. Sherlyn smiles.

Rakhi asks that what she goes to mention to Mahesh and cries. Kareena asks her to now no longer cry and she or he has answer for this problem. Dadi and Rakhi asks her that what’s the answer. Kareena tells them that she can be able to inform in the front of Karan and Preeta. They is going to Karan’s room.

Preeta tells Karan that she desires a toddler and cries. Kareena tells them that remedy may also fail too and indicates them to undertake a toddler. She says to them that very last selection might be theirs only.

She tells Karan that Preeta struggling the maximum now and Preeta desires a toddler. She tells them that even Mahesh desires a toddler to pop out of his melancholy.

She informs them that her pal has an orphanage and if they may be k then she can be able to speak to her pal. Rakhi helps Kareena and she or he asks Karan and Preeta to reflect onconsideration on it. Karan and Preeta makes a decision to undertake a toddler. Sherlyn shocks listening to that and makes a decision to prevent the adoption with Prithvi’s assist. Kritika tells Prithvi that subsequent time she won’t live silent if Sherlyn taunted her then. Sherlyn calls Prithvi.