Preeta requests that Kritika accompany her as she has seen an extremely decent outfit, the two of them leave when Akshay calls somebody asking where she is on the grounds that he has arrived at the shopping center and can’t see her anyplace.

Preeta and Kritika are both looking for the correct outfit, they are indicated a few plans by the staff, Akshay is strolling in a similar shop where the specialist inquires as to whether he can help him anyway Akshay says that he would look without anyone else, he at that point strolls to the rack where he sees Kritika so quickly holes up behind the garments.

Preeta shouts how she has loved all the dresses after which she takes them to proceed to give them a shot, Kritika gets strained so is going to look behind the rack anyway Preeta goes to her with another dress, she asks her to likewise give it a shot when Akshay’s portable rings and the two of them get surprised, the specialist comes clarifying how Preeta failed to remember her versatile, Kritika heads towards the attempt room and is halted in light of the fact that she is taking more dresses then she is permitted, Kritika at that point gives the orderly one of the dresses.

Akshay is stunned to see that Preeta is remaining before him, he quickly conceals when Preeta goes to welcome him anyway he considers what he would do on the grounds that now it would be a wreck as he revealed to Kritika that he was in a truly significant gathering anyway doesnot realize what might occur if Preeta advises her, Preeta anyway thinks where Akshay ahs gone as he may be feeling that she would tell Kritika anyway she would do nothing of the sort as it would demolish the shock.

Akshay flees from Preeta imagining that he is protected anyway on his way he chances upon Shrishti who is occupied in assuming out her acknowledgment card as she additionally needs to get some garments, Akshay pursues from her understanding that it is really her, he arrives at the attempt room region where the specialist is holding up with Kritika’s dress, she inquires as to whether he needs to attempt any dress or is he sitting tight for somebody. Akshay says how he will oversee, he gets frightened when Kritika opens the entryway so he takes the dress which she has chosen and flees, the business young lady pursues him and furthermore says to Preeta that some person has taken the dress which she chose, the business young lady focuses at Akshay who is at the gathering, Preeta requests that she not concern feeling that he may be purchasing the dress for Kritika anyway she is stunned when he embraces another young lady, she ponders who the other young lady may be so pursues Akshay.

Shrishti welcomes Kritika close to the attempt room territory after which she sees the dresses which Kritika has chosen to wear on the wedding capacity, Shrishti approaches what she hosts chose for the bachelorate gathering, Kritika makes reference to how she ahs no premium anyway Shrishti rushes to discover her a dress for the gathering.

Akshay is with Ruchika in the stopping, he clarifies how he had the option to escape on the grounds that Preeta saw him in the shopping center, Ruchika is going to fall so she takes his help, he clarifies how the two of them would need to be truly cautious as Preeta has gotten dubious of him, Ruchika clarifies how she is as yet following them, Akshay orders her to walk somewhat quicker without looking behind and sit tight for him in a similar lodging where they would hung out, Preeta considers what has occurred as Akshay is fleeing from her, she considers how he said to Kritika about a significant gathering and in the event that he is in the inn, at that point there is something truly stressing thus in the event that he is engaged with another young lady, at that point she would not allow him to get hitched with Kritika as it would destroy as long as she can remember.

Akshay meets Ruchika before the inn asking what is she doing remaining there before the inn so Ruchika inquires as to whether Preeta has truly not followed them then the two of them head into the inn, Preeta runs considering what they are doing in light of the fact that she ahs an abnormal inclination, she heads into the lodging after which the is halted by the assistant who says that she can’t go in the inn and on the off chance that she demands, at that point they would call the police on her, Preeta is driven away from the inn.

Preeta is remaining external the lodging when Kritika calls her asking where she is on the grounds that the two of them are hanging tight for her anyway Preeta doesnot disclose to her that she is following Akshay at that point clarifies that she met a patient thus came out with her, Kritika says that there isn’t anything to stress as Shrishti came and she would take her back home, to show a few dresses, Shrishti comes out and is stunned to see that Kritika has chosen a ton of dresses at that point clarifies that she knows the explanation Akshay didn’t come since he cherishes his wellbeing a ton.

Preeta sees both Akshay and Ruchika and afterward goes to discover reality from her anyway Akshay sees her at that point goes to Preeta clarifying that she doesnot understand what he was doing with the young lady anyway Akshay demands that Preeta may have considered some to be young lady as he has recently returned from a gathering and doesnot know anything about a young lady, Sherlin likewise comes when the two of them are standing, Akshay whines how Preeta thinks he takes part in an extramarital entanglements at which Sherlin makes reference to that it is her propensity and she is continually accusing others. Sherlin leaves saying that she would not have the option to take her back home, Preeta clarifies that she would go with Akshay anyway he says that his gathering has not completed so she should take the auto, Preeta leaves then he calls Ruchika clarifying how he has taken care of Preeta and they can meet by and by to look for the house.

Kritika is truly energized and is indicating Shrishti her wedding dresses when Preeta comes, Kritika clarifies how she truly missed Preeta in light of the fact that she wanted to shop with her, Preeta attempts to support her by clarifying that Shristhi has a superior decision then her, Kritika requests that she plunk down as she needs to show her the dresses, Preeta thinks to discover the reality of Akshay prior to telling anybody as it very well may be her flaw. Read More….