Kundali Bhagya 6 May 2021 Written update

The adjudicator subsequent to seeing the video shouts that the video demonstrates Preeta returned home with Kritika around 7:30 so he wants that the video be appeared on the projector, the investigator objects saying that the video can be misrepresented, the respondent clarifies he realized that the evidence would be protested which is the reason he has another confirmation, they are face to face, he is requested to introduce the verification at which the legal advisor focuses at the back yet when everybody turns they are stunned to see that the seats are vacant seeing which they are stunned, Shristhi surges outside to discover when Karan additionally clarifies that Ruchika would likewise return actually soon.

Shristhi is looking outside for both Megha and Ruchika, she likewise takes a stab at calling them however both of their mobiles are not reachable which stresses her so she gets a call from


karan, she clarifies that she is going to their homes as they are not in the court, he says that she would not go anyplace, Shristhi at that point sends the auto away, Karan talks with the legal counselor who demands the appointed authority for some more opportunity to accumulate their observers, the adjudicator permits stops the conference till after the lunch.


Karan alongside the whole family come out, Shristhi asks what has occurred, he answers they have been given fifteen additional minutes, Karan calls Sameer asking where he is, Sameer clarifies that he is going to the court, yet Karan requests him to go to the house from Ruchika and Megha in light of the fact that they fled from the court.

Karan and Shristhi both see Preeta turning out in binds, she additionally takes a gander at them and starts crying after which Karan leaves with Shristhi, Rakhi requests Mahira to accept care from Sherlin as she is now pregnant so ought not have gone to the court anyway Sherlin answers she would have come regardless of whether she was halted, Mahira anyway requests that she accompany her as it isn’t appropriate for her wellbeing, in the wake of strolling some distance Sherlin likes that Mahira brought her as she was worn out on going about as a loyal little girl in law, Sherlin and Mahira see Preeta sitting in cuffs, Mahira sits next to her inquiring as to whether she acknowledges that Mahira crushed her in three days as she didn’t challenge her without taking into contemplations the situation that would develop, she is sitting close to her when the constable encourages her to leave, Mahira leaves.


Prithvi venturing out, is stunned to see Preeta and thinks that had she acknowledged his proposition he would not have allowed anything to happen to her, he would have himself brought Megha and Ruchika as he isn’t an imbecile like Karan who couldn’t handle them both due to which they had the option to flee, he wants that if Preeta even ganders at him for once he would set out his life for her, he aches for her to turn however she doesnot even glance at him, Sherlin thumps on his shoulder asking what is he doing, he says that he was p[raying for his fate to turn and request something important to occur in his life, Mahira sees Karan and Shristhi coming, she shouts that she thinks it is a terrible information and they should all tune in.

Karan and Shristhi clarify they looked all over anyway Megha and Ruchika were not anyplace, Sameer additionally arrives at the place of Akshay addressing on the off chance that they are in the house nonetheless, he discovers that the two of them are in the emergency clinic as his dad isn’t well.


Karan is standing when Sameer calls him clarifying he couldn’t discover Ruchika and Megha and even they are not at the place of Akshay. Karan closes the call and perceiving how stressed Sarla he is inquires as to why she is so particularly stressed as he has guaranteed them that he would ensure Preeta returns to the house with them, Prithvi additionally attempts to take her compassion however she gets apprehensive.

The legal advisor comes clarifying that the court hearing would start and the appointed authority has been supplanted, the court hearing starts when the examiner clarifies that he is supplanting the legal counselor who was battling the situation against Preeta, the investigator faults that the respondent has made up a story which has nothing to do with the real world and Preeta in her dissatisfaction for Akshay killed him, he additionally looks for consent to pose a few inquiries from her at that point clarifies that Preeta didn’t care for Akshay and wanted to break the marriage of Kritika with Akshay as she needed to get her own sister wedded to him yet when she finished the marriage her longings couldn’t thrive so she blew up, seeing the chance she went to Akshay’s room in the inn and killed him when he requested that she leave the room, Preeta attempts to argue her blamelessness anyway the adjudicator doesnot hear her out demands, Shristhi likewise stands uncovering she didn’t have any revenue in Akshay and what occurred at the single man party was each of the a made up story, the appointed authority arranges her to not talk in the middle as it would be viewed as scorn of court for which she can be captured, Kritika causes her to plunk down, the investigator uncovers that he hosts the video from the lone wolf get-together which the guardians of Akshay gave him anyway they can’t go to the conference since they are not well because of the grave misfortune which they confronted.

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