Karan is preparing in the room he goes to see Preeta staying there and she is going to eat, he comes to sit before her, she asks what does he need from him at that point clarifies that she realizes he wants to eat her food, Karan makes reference to that she isn’t right as he has just had his supper and she is mostly correct on the grounds that he was caring for her plate however simply because he wanted to cause her to eat the dish with his own hands,

Preeta asks in the event that he truly implies this as she fears that when she would lean in he would reclaim his hands, Karan shouts that she is currently his significant other and he would deal with her so she ought to never stress, Preeta recalls how her mom referenced that Karwa Maa showers a great deal of her endowments on the couple which has been recently hitched so when she would keep the quick her connection would turn out to be much more solid with Karan. He begins taking care of her with his own hands and she is additionally eating.

He takes a gander at her with affection and Preeta can’t control her anxiety, she coincidentally chomps him, she is sorry referencing that she was taking a gander at him, he shouts that she did this intentionally as she needs to deliver retribution, Preeta shouts that she doesnot need to render any retribution when he was taking care of her with so much love. Karan reacts that she has a ton of reasons and it very well may be that Mahira was so close with him and that he intentionally brought Mahira into their home and that when he dropped her after she was in her arms, Preeta recollects what had happened yet then notices that it was not deliberately and she unintentionally did it but rather in the event that he feels fulfillment on it, at that point could likewise nibble her, he specifies that this is the thing that would cause joy for him, he begins taking a gander at the fingers, Preeta gets anxious yet he kisses it, she can’t get it, Karan shouts that he can never cause her such an agony, and vows to never cause any injury clarifying that anything that attempts to make hurt her would need to experience him first, Preeta recalls how Karan has spared his life each time she was in a tough situation, the two of them investigate each other’s eyes.

Mahira is in the kitchen feeling that the sweet is prepared and now nobody can spare Preeta, she is remaining there when she hears Rakhi coming contemplating whether Ganesh has served the sweet dish to Preeta, Mahira breaks a plate on the floor and bows to gather it, Rakhi is stunned to see her in the kitchen at that point asks where is Ganesh, Mahira makes reference to that Dadi was requesting water and she requested Ganesh to take it to her while she served the dish, Rakhi shouts how she requested Ganesh to set it up first, Mahira specifies that she arranged it and now Rakhi can take it so she serves it, Rakhi shouts that she is loose to realize Mahira served it with her own hands, Mahira specifies that she just did this as Preeta saved the quick for her adoration Karan. Rakhi says that she has perceived how Karan broke the quick of his better half Preeta as it was the desire of god, Mahira requests that her take the desserts else it would get cold, Rakhi turns while Sherlin is arriving in a rush thus she arranges her to not run as it isn’t ideal for her.

Sherlin comes into the kitchen referencing that she couldn’t discover the jug of toxic substance, Mahira requests that her state it plainly and she ahs blended the toxin in the sweet dish and now Rakhi would serve it and be accused for murdering her little girl in law as the relationship as of now is accused for a ton of difficulties in the families.

Rakhi is taking the desserts when Kartika comes running inquisitive about her wellbeing, Rakhi reacts that she is fine and happy that Kartika returned, Kartika takes the sweet requesting to eat it.

Rakhi clarifies that Preeta is the new individual from their family so she would be the first to eat it and afterward after it she would make another for her, Kartika concurs then leaves.

Sherlin specifies that Mahira ought to have examined it with her first prior to blending the toxin as it would make a ton of issue.

Karan and Preeta both are standing yet not ready to talk, the two of them ask each other to talk first, Preeta clarifies that she is feeling cold thus Karan covers her with a cover and holds her, Rakhi go into the room without thumping however observing them leaves the room.

Sherlin is glad to see that Rakhi has not given her the toxic substance, Preeta additionally emerges from the room and afterward Sherlin deliberately drops the bowl, Rakhi gets distraught yet Sherlin apologizes saying that she got discombobulated so couldn’t walk appropriately, Mahira gets frantic, she quickly comes to them and takes the hand of Sherlin clarifying she would assist her with returning to her room so she can rest.

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Rakhi apologizes yet the two of them beg her to come into the room, Rakhi specifies that she would make another dish for her anyway Preeta declines saying that she has just eaten a ton thus would not have the option to eat any longer, therefor Rakhi ought not make anything else of the dish and rest. Karan concurs that Preeta is truly full since he, at the end of the day, caused her to eat the food, the two of them get anxious when he says this, Rakhi leaves and Preeta shouts that she would put on something else as she is feeling languid.

Mahira goes into the live with Sherlin and asks for what reason did she do it as had she not come in the middle of Preeta would have been dead, Sherlin attempts to leave saying that she would converse with Mahira once she is quiet and attempts to leave anyway Mahira attempts to slap her yet Sherlin grasps her hand and slaps her consequently clarifying that she should never at any point consider accomplishing something like this as Mahira is the person who isn’t right, it is a direct result of her flaw she couldn’t wed Karan and Sarla came got the bail due to her little girl as she is significantly smart then Mahira who is consistently irate.

Sherlin acknowledges that she was to blame when Ganesh broke her quick, yet she is additionally to fault, Mahira shouts saying that it is all her shortcoming.