In the last episode, you saw that Janaki tells Srishti that a person has wrapped some big thing in a sheet of Luthra house note. There Prithvi’s brother starts telling Preeta how much Prithvi loves him. It also states that she wants to marry him. Mahera wears Preeta’s dress there and that’s when
Karan comes to the room. Mahira is coming close to Karan but I refuse to come in front of her, on this Mahira starts thinking that I should tell her to talk, I am not Preeta Mahira.

Kundali Bhagya 5 October 2020 Written Update

In the next episode you will be shown that Preeta has told Pawan that she is his wife. She shows him the mangalsutra and sindoor that Karan gave her. Sherlyn respects him at Luthra House and asks her what she did to Preeta. Pawan takes his gun and threatens to shoot Preeta. Janaki is shocked to see Preeta in danger.