Kundali Bhagya 5 May 2021 Written Update


Karan and Preeta both are embracing one another, she ventures back and the two of them are sobbing, Karan clarifies that he has brought Megha and Ruchika so there isn’t anything to stress over, he says that he wants to say he is thoroughly taking care of himself in light of the fact that the room additionally misses her a ton and even he can’t live without her, Preeta specifies they would discuss it later however Karan inquires as to for what reason could he say it now since he figured he would say the amount he and the room is feeling the loss of her, she needs to return and deal with everything, Karan clarifies that he has not come to sit and tune in to the conference without saying a word yet rather needs to advise her how much everybody was feeling the loss of her, she clarifies that even the core of their room was beating for her, he even permits her to lay down with him on their bed, Preeta

says that he just shouts he can’t do anything besides she realizes he is fit for anything which he wants, Karan specifies it is on the grounds that he is The Karan Luthra, the two of them indeed embrace one another.


Rakhi is with the specialist who says he has educated them at the Holi occasion that the memory of Mahesh has not recuperated so they should all be truly cautious since this is truly tense, Rakhi clarifies that what has happened today never happened on the grounds that he failed to remember what he was saying one minute prior, the specialist by and by says that he educated them that they should prevent Mahesh from taking such a strained in light of the fact that else it may break down his wellbeing considerably more, Rakhi is truly stressed, the specialist clarifies the memory of Mahesh may require a few months to completely return, he leaves to check Mahesh.


Rakhi is standing, Karina and Dadi come asking what the specialist said, Rakhi answers that there isn’t anything to stress over, she discloses to Karina the specialist clarified Mahesh probably won’t have the option to recall everything two or three months so they all should get him far from such a pressure, Dadi encourages her to leave for the court hearing while she would remain to deal with Mahesh, Karina additionally wants to remain back, she clarify that she realizes Preeta implies a great deal to her so she should leave for the court hearing with no concerns for Mahesh as she alongside Pammi and Suresh and Dadi would take great consideration of him.

Karan and Preeta are both embracing, Rakhi strolls alongside Kritika, the two of them get apprehensive seeing them both, Kritika even signals them yet they don’t tune in, Rakhi at that point calls Karan’s name after which he ventures back, Rakhi clarifies that Dadi isn’t feeling great so Mahesh chose to remain back, Karina likewise clarified that it was wrong to let them both be as they are the two patients,


Rakhi asks her to never believe that her family isn’t there to help her since she has come for her, Preeta clarifies she never thought that way, Rakhi embraces Preeta.The court hearing starts, Preeta strolls to the observer box, Prithvi is tensely sitting tight for her to take a gander at him however then thinks that it isn’t reasonable in light of the fact that he is truly stressed for Preeta still she didn’t take a gander at him, Rakhi and Kritika additionally plunk down when Shristhi sits before Megha and Ruchika.



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