Mahira shouts how she tested {Preeta that Karan would break her quick before Preeta yet what has occurred and she perceived how Karan broke the quick of Preeta before everybody, she begins whipping the room, Sherlin asks what’s going on with she, Mahira makes reference to that she tuned in to her arrangement in any event, when her mom disclosed to her that this arrangement would not work and it is totally the shortcoming of Sherlin.

Sherlin anyway makes reference to that it is the flaw of Mahira as in any event, when she begged her to open the eyes, Mahira didn’t hear her out which made their arrangement fall flat, Sherlin shouts that Karan has broke the quick of Preeta with his own hands and even caused her to eat the desserts, she considers how impractically he was taking a gander at her then she shouts that Preeta has gotten an occasion to demonstrate that she is continually going to win anyway it would not occur as the day has a place with her and she would offer toxin to her completion the story for the last time.

Rakhi is in her room playing out the pooja with Mahesh Luthra, she begins crying in the wake of seeing him in the bed, going towards him she puts the thali on the couch at that point taking his endowments wishes him Karwachot, she shouts that she has saved the quick for him and would he break her quick with his own hands, she specifies that he should make her beverage the water from his own hands subsequently satisfying her quick, she puts the desserts on his hand and when she is going to eat them, she puts them declining to eat saying that she won’t eat until he gives her the current which he provides for her for the quick, she recalls how the earlier year he acted mischievously with her and wouldn’t repair his methodologies, when he was going to cause her to eat the desserts he kidded of how he failed to remember the present clarifying that he would welcome it for her on the following Karwachot, he attempts to clarify that he would bring it for her and that she doesnot need the neckband since it is needed by the individuals who are not delightful but rather she doesnot need her words and he made her take his favors prior to pulling the accessory clarifying how he would continually bring the blessing which she wants as it has never occurred and would not occur again.

Rakhi shouts that Karwachot has come by and by so she needs the present and needs him to awaken on the grounds that it is the obligation of the spouses that they keep the quick and he should give her the blessing which is her right, Preeta thinking about the adoration shouts that she is so honored to be an individual from this family. Preeta goes into the room shouting that she couldn’t play out the registration so if Rakhi doesnot brain would she be able to perform it now, Rakhi gets up anyway Preeta requests that her plunk down, Rakhi shouts that the current which she wants for her quick is him, she shouts how she requested that he open his eyes yet he isn’t tuning in, Preeta shouts that he may be stating by his shut eyes that he wishes to satisfy her cravings and he even looks truly upbeat, at that point she inquires as to whether Rakhi requested that he break her quick so she should push ahead with it, Rakhi then breaks her quick.

Sherlin is strolling after Mahira attempting to stop her yet Dadi calls her from behind clarifying how she has considered tieing a dark lace on her hand to shield her from any terrible signs, she removes her.

Mahira is strolling when she sees both Rakhi and Preeta together, Preeta calls her Rakhi maa yet Rakhi requests that her not allude to her as Maa as she follows nothing which she says as girls tune in to their mom and even she was sick she kept the quick, Preeta clarifies how her mom revealed to her that the quick reinforces the connection among the relatives, she reacts how Rakhi additionally kept the quick in any event, when she was sick, Preeta clarifies how she realizes that the family has a high respect so she kept the quick as she is likewise an individual from the family, Rakhi shouts that she has gotten truly cheerful in the wake of hearing what Preeta has said as she kept the quick in any event, when Sarla was sick, she embraces her, Preeta is glad to see that Rakhi has embraced her with such love and got it she was longing for, Mahira believes that she would ensure Preeta can’t get in the hearts of the relatives.

Rakhi asks Preeta to return into her room and have the supper as she has sent the food to her room and that she ought to likewise eat the sweet dish which she will send with Ganesh. Preeta leaves in the wake of dealing with Mahesh.

Sarla closes the call, she clarifies that Rakhi was heading off to the kitchen to set up the dish for Preeta, Shrishti shouts that she heard everything and realizes that the custom of Preeta was satisfied with no issue, Sarla clarifies that Karwachot is significant for a girl particularly when it is her first and she is happy Preeta had the option to satisfy the whole custom even after so much issues.

Ganesh is in the kitchen setting up the dish for Preeta when Mahira goes to the kitchen entryway, she approaches Ganesh who is lost in his fantasy and is taking a gander at her when she asks what he is seeing he will not move, she arranges him to supplant all the water bottles in the room at that point orders him to leave, he turns is as yet taking a gander at her when he at long last leaves Mahira removes the cover from the bowl and recollecting how Preeta shouted that she is an individual from the family.

Mahira believes that the ladoo had almost no toxin except for she will presently put the whole jug so Preeta can’t endure, she blends the toxic substance in the desserts at that point imagines that nobody in the family would eat this dish aside from Preeta who might eat it and afterward bite the dust.