Kundali Bhagya 4 March 2021 Written Update

Prithvi revels that it isn’t right and on the off chance that she was youthful like him, he would have unquestionably hitched her, he begs Janki that they should become companions as he is presently wedding Kritika, she is additionally the just one after Sherlin who knows his arrangements,

Janki drives him away, he requests that she fail to remember everything making her keep thinking about whether he was her child who adored Preeta however she didn’t wed him so what might have happened to him, he requests that she think what he said and give him her favors in the event that she can find a solution.


Kritika is unyielding to get hitched to Prithvi saying that she would definitely wed him, taking steps to carry out self destruction on the off chance that anybody prevents her from getting hitched to him, Prithvi is outside with Sherlin and clarifies how he just gave one lac rupees to the criminal’s who were prodding her in the town and he was the real driving force. Read Full….


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