Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2020 Written Update

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Kundali Bhagya at the beginning of 31st August 2020 Written Update asks Primary Sarla why she slapped him. She says that she is not saying anything against Preeta but instead of saying that whatever society will talk about her, she will talk about it and she cannot change it by slapping. Sarla would tell her to leave the house. How can she dare to use such words not her daughter

She says that once she was her son-in-law but now she says that she knows that Preeta can never do anything wrong. She shouts to her sisters how she can say such a thing about her daughter. Everyone who is at her house and is pushing her asks why she is so angry with her. She remembers how she did not accept her first marriage. She says that I have come to help her. So that he can make the right decision, he says that even if he considers tomorrow as his son-in-law, it will not be possible because Luthra is against this marriage and says that no one will accept the earth except him.

Next Jaanki asks her what Sarla said and told her to leave the house she pulls them but he pushes her from the other side and bangs her head on the door and she gets hurt and she misses something Then he apologizes to her and says it’s an accident. I didn’t do it on purpose and I’m not doing it with the intention of hurting you. He begs the fucker to get him out.


Right now Rakhi talks to the unconscious Mahesh, she tells him that she doesn’t know if she has made the right decision or wrong, but she knows that she has done this too. She has not done anything wrong by remarrying her husband. She wanted to live with him in this house but she could not do it due to the condition of this house.

Right now she says that at first everyone in Luthra’s house loved Preeta but now everyone hates her and she says that she can’t handle their hatred everyday which is why she decided to leave the house. She says that without her she feels a lot of art and she needs it and she shouts Kareena comes there and consoles Rakhi she says that Rakhi you are not alone the whole family is with you and She still has the power to prove that she took this decision out of compulsion and asks him to shut up

Now we see that Chala says that it is a car between her and her daughter that is why it should not be seen and she says that when Karna cheated on her she supported Preeta but this time Brita Got married to the one who always cheated and always hurt them. She says that Preeta never listened to him while he stopped her from going to Luthra’s house and asked her to keep distance from the other but she didn’t give him one Mani says so much that there is nothing wrong with creation and she says that Sir Laane taught her to fight against the fight and did very wrong and said that Sherlyn and Mehra had made a plan to kill Mahesh after marriage and Sherlyn was the messenger. Was kidnapping Sarla asks Luthra instead of telling her why she interfered


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  1. dr preeta you change face to become Inceperter you can do it.
    dr preeta you don’t think about sarla you just leave it.
    dr preeta if you become Inceperter you can go to Luthra house to see maira and sherlyn that is breaking news for them.

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