Sarla tells Preeta that she introduced some thing for her. Srishti asks her to give an explanation for the info too. Sarla ties black rope on Preeta’s leg announcing that it’ll defend her and her toddler from evil eyes. Preeta tells her that Dadi additionally tied black rope on her hand to defend her from evil eyes. Sarla tells her that for the subsequent nine months she can be able to lecture her approximately what all of the latter ought to do and ought to now no longer do and asks Srishti to now no longer problem Preeta from now on.

Luthra’s enjoys the birthday birthday celebration. Sherlyn sees that and thinks that quickly all and sundry going to cry and notices marbel balls and makes a decision to position them on the steps so Preeta can fall down. Rakhi asks Sherlyn approximately cake and the latter replies her that Girish bringing the cake. She asks Karan to deliver Preeta and he is going to his room. Karan talks approximately his toddler announcing that how he goes to pamper his toddler. Sarla bless them to live glad usually. Preeta and Karan hugs Sarla and Srishti clicks their picture.

Sherlyn places the marbel balls on the steps and waits for Preeta. Preeta falls down and all and sundry runs in the direction of her besides Sherlyn. Sameer is going to name the Doctor. Everyone receives involved for the kid seeing blood and it seems to be Sherlyn’s dream. Read More……..