Mahira says she won’t leave and says she needs her privileges and requests that Karan give her privileges. Karan says he needs to wed Mahira and all that ends up being Sherlyn’s fantasy. Sherlyn says Karan will say before everybody that he will wed Mahira and she is eager to hear that from him. Preeta reveals to Sristy that they needs to stop Karan by one way or another.

Sristy asks what would they be able to do. Preeta says this tablet has web association so they can contact anybody. Mahira discloses to Karan that he hurted her by dismissing her and was going to draw near to him however somebody thumps the entryway. She opens the entryway and stuns seeing Police there.

Police reviewer attempts to wake Karan and affirms from inn director that it was not Mahira who accompanied Karan. She arranges the Constable to capture Mahira on the grounds that she attempted to exploit Karan by sedating him and she isn’t Preeta who is his better half.

Mahira stuns hearing her and says Karan is her significant other and attempts to wake Karan. Police takes Mahira from that point and media covers that occurrence. Mahira blows up and assaults the Reporters. From Police station Mahira calls everybody except nobody goes to the call. Preeta goes to Sherlyn’s versatile and leaves for Police station with Sristy. Read More….