Rakhi then gives a ring to Reason and says that she should wear it to her father which will be Preeta’s as a gift. After that we see that Karan enters Preeta’s veil and says that she was getting VIP treatment from the morning.

He says that now everyone is watching what she is doing. He says that he is talking with her. The guests tease the two very much. Kareena is feeling embarrassed and complains to Dadi about it. Dadi asks her to ignore it all and Karan Preeta comes to wear the ring which Rakhi gave her.

Next you will see that Preeta and Karna along with all the guests and family members are performing the rituals of Preeta’s mouth visible and everyone is enjoying. And we see that both Preeta and Karan are playing with the ball.

Then we see that Preeta wins that game and after that Kareena tells her that even if you have won this game but you will bring the ball, then we see as soon as Preeta goes to take the ball to sister Mehra at the door Kite is left standing on seeing Mehra at the door. All the family members also go to the job. We see that Mehra who is standing at the door had blood in her hands and all the people are very surprised to see this.