Kundali Bhagya 30 January 2021 Written update

Rhea goes to home and she gets some information about her Dad. Tai says Abhi isn’t at home. Rhea asks where is he. Tai says Abhi is with Pragya and his telephone isn’t interfacing.

Tai inquires as to why she looks stressed. Rhea thinks to call Prachi to know whether she thinks about their folks. Pandit begins marriage and he requests that Ranbir and Prachi keep Varamala, Mangalsutra with them and than he requests that they represent Varmala Rasam.


Prachi inquires as to why it’s going on quick. Palak and Shahana says it’s acceptable Muhurta that is the reason Everything happening fastly.


Aryan and Raj upholds Ranbir to do it yet Ranbir denies saying he can’t wed Prachi along these lines. Read More….


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