As a result of this Preeta Aurora. Mahira said yes to wed Karan, and everything was smooth; Then she wedded Preeta Karan. Mahira swooned yet stayed in the Luthra House. At that point Rakhi sent her away, she was excessively grief stricken and attempted to end it all.

Karan stops Kareena now, Rishabh even advises Kareena to quit accusing Preeta. Kritika asks Sameer what will occur. Kareena says that if Maheera takes Karan’s name, Karan will be confined and if every other person’s name is taken, the entire family, and it will be a result of affection. Rishabh requests that Kareena stop this.

Kareena concurs that she bolsters Rishabh Preetha, he may seek after it yet please stay quiet today. On the off chance that Karan is in prison, she won’t leave this Preeta Aurora. She takes the seat. Sherlyn had descended the hall.

She figures it would be beneficial for them if what Kareena said was valid. Their retribution will be from Lutras.