Kundali Bhagya 3 May 2021 Written Update

Sameer calls Shristhi, she flags him to hush up showing the shadow of the man, Sameer propose that they should toss boiling water on him exactly when they toss the water, Prithvi figures out how to flee anyway his shoe stalls out on a landfill and he can’t get free, Prithvi at last sees an individual on a cruiser thus giving him the cash requests that he ride it as quick as possible, Shristhi and Sameer both feel disliked for not having the option to get the blackmailer even subsequent to putting forth such attempts.

Rakhi is exceptionally cheerful and requests that Kritika not concern since they all are with Preeta, she is happy that Karina went to meet Preeta at the police headquarters and she would be truly happy and when they all future remaining with her in the court hearing she would be truly fulfilled, Rakhi leaves to make juice for Dadi, Kritika likewise goes with her expression that she would help her in making the juice, Karina is truly stressed, Pammi acknowledges there is something bothering her, she asks Karina what is wrong anyway Karina is anxious then when Pammi demands saying that she isn’t care for Rakhi who is truly legitimate yet she has seen the world so realizes Karina is stressed, Karina makes reference to that she truly went to apologize to Preeta anyway when she was going to leave, karan said that on the off chance that she talks pleasantly with Preeta it would make an issue and she is strained on the grounds that Karan never at any point said such a mind-bending concept as a joke, she feels that Preeta may have indoctrinated Karan before she could arrive at the police headquarters, Pammi additionally upholds her uncertainty saying that she likewise thinks Preeta is truly astute and now she would be the top choice of the house and all that will be in her control, Karina and Pammi both remain to prevent Preeta from doing anything to their family.


Sameer and Shristhi are standing when Sameer turns around and discovers a shoe, Shristhi says that she is happy as Sameer made the blackmailer run shoeless, Sameer shouts he knows the individual to whom the shoe has a place and it is Prithvi, Shristhi asks how might he be so certain, Sameer says that when he went to make Prithvi drink the bhang, Kritika accompanied this shoe as a present for him, Shristhi likewise sees the adornments and gets it feeling that there is an association with the case, she keeps it in her pocket, Sameer says that they would now defy him asking what the matter is.


Mahesh is with the legal counselor who shouts that had Preeta not said anything infront of the police the case would have been significantly simpler, Karan asks why does it make a difference since she has quite recently said it and he realizes she isn’t the homicide, the attorney says that it doesnot matter since she has admitted and now it would be truly hard for them, Mahesh clarifies he should battle the case as though Preeta is his own girl, the legal advisor leaves, karan consider what he said that Preeta ought not have said anything before the police.

Prithvi is in his room concealing the satchel, Mahira enters from behind addressing what it is, he inquires as to for what reason should he advise her, she requests that he not fail to remember that he is in the Luthra house in light of her assistance in the Shubham case anyway Prithvi says he wants she leave his room as he is now in a difficult situation, Mahira says she has likewise endured a great deal in view of him as she helped him in the Shubham case, he is extorting her for aiding him, she leaves out of resentment, Sherlin enters asking what has occurred and in the event that he saw the essence of the blackmailer, Prithvi clarifies the whole circumstance of how Shristhi and Sameer arrived at the industrial facility and he needed to stow away from them.


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Sameer and Shristhi plan to stand up to Prithvi anyway Shristhi says they should initially address Mahira, she sees Mahira coming from the front and stops her, Mahira asks what kind of frenzy this is and Shristhi requests her versatile, Mahira doesnot comprehend when Shristhi says that she is additionally truly shrewd and can open any portable actually effectively so she read the message in her versatile where somebody was extorting her, Mahira inquires as to for what reason did she dare anyway they see Pammi coming and stops, she closes the call asking Mahira what is the model of her versatile anyway she leaves out of resentment, Pammi clarifies that she doesnot need there be a similar model and Prithvi likewise has a similar versatile so assuming she likewise purchases a similar versatile, them three would have a similar model.


Shristhi requests that Sameer bring the versatile as they would now address Prithvi on the grounds that he was being extorted for cash, Shristhi anyway says that she would initially meet Karan in light of the fact that he is the one in particular who can deal with Prithvi without any problem. Read More……….

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