Scene starts with Mahira discloses to Sherlyn that she tested Preeta saying before her Karan will finish her fasting however what occurred and begins to break the things once more. Sherlyn says it’s Mahira’s mix-up on the grounds that she revealed to her that Karan going and she should stop him however she didn’t opened her eyes and says she even educated her concerning Girish, that time additionally she didn’t opened her eyes.

Mahira says Sherlyn revealed to her not open the eyes regardless of what she says that is she didn’t opened her eyes. Sherlyn says she didn’t requested that her not think carefully. Mahira says it was her mix-up in light of the fact that from starting Ramona was against this arrangement and she said this arrangement won’t work however she didn’t listened her.

She says Karan finished Preeta’s fasting by taking care of sweet to her and furthermore he was taking a gander at her affectionately. She reviews the patio occurrence and says she had the right to remain glad today yet it didn’t occurred so she will offer toxin to Preeta and will end her section forever. Sherlyn attempted to stop her however Mahira leaves from that point.

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Rakhi takes a gander at moon and afterward Mahesh. She plays out the ceremonies and eats sweet with his hand. She says he generally gives blessing on Karwa Chauth yet this year he didn’t offered anything to her and advises him to awaken from trance like state to offer blessing to her else she won’t eat anything now. She reviews the Karwa Chauth she celebrated with him and how he prodded her when she asked jewelry from him as blessing yet later he, at the end of the day, talented her number one accessory to astonish her.

She comes to the real world and says he guaranteed her that he will give the blessing she asks each year so he needs to satisfy his guarantee today additionally and says this year she needs him as her blessing and says he took enough rest now he should awaken for her and cries. Preeta feels awful hearing her and goes into the room saying she is here for his standard test which she does every day. She says he is shining today and appears as though he is glad additionally and asks Rakhi that did she said anything to him now.

Rakhi says she approached him as her present for her Karwa Chauth yet he isn’t opening his eyes. Preeta says even without opening his eyes he needs to disclose to her that he can hear her and needs to awaken likewise for her. Rakhi asks is she coming clean. Preeta says it’s obviously noticeable that he is upbeat today.

Sherlyn was following Mahira however Dadi stops her idiom she needs to tie dhaga to shield her and her kid from hostile stares and takes her with her and with no decision Sherlyn additionally goes with her. Preeta enquiries about Rakhi’s ailment. Rakhi asks Preeta that for what good reason she proceeded with the fasting when her ailment was more terrible.

Preeta says Sarla educated her regarding the significance of these ceremonies and furthermore Luthra’s offers significance to this custom , presently she is additionally essential for this family at that point how might she break her fasting in center and says she is truly glad that she finished her fasting. Rakhi says she is truly upbeat hearing her and embraces her.

Preeta thinks she needed this adoration only.Mahira catches their discussion. Sarla says Preeta finished her fasting and it will assist her with reinforcing her bond with Karan. Mahira blends poison in Preeta’s dish and thinks nobody will eat this other than her.