Next we see that at the beginning of the episode Nimmi tells Rakhi that Preeta is very beautiful in the bathroom and she is lovely and a well-meaning girl, Hafir, she says that whether Karna is married under the right circumstances or not Ho, but now whatever is to be done will definitely be married. Then Sarla says that the victim will feel very bad if no one appears in her mouth. After that we see that Janaki and Srishti leave for Luthra’s house and if she takes some rest, then she also gets fever She says it will come down.

After that Srishti says that she will never leave Sarla in this condition, Sarla says that nothing has happened to her and she is perfectly fine and then she says that Preeta is waiting for her and hurries her from there She should leave early and then she says that Janaki says that Sarla is fine, she will take care of Bainsla, that’s why Srishti should go to Luthra’s house. But she avoids him by saying that if the father asked if his fever was cured or not, what would he answer.

After that we see that Sarla says that she is really all right because this simple fever has happened due to climate change and there is nothing. You people have no need to worry so much after that Preeta says that she Can’t take it lightly and asks Sarla to take care of him Sarla asks him to enjoy the ceremony instead of worrying. She doesn’t want him to spoil her enjoyment of the ceremony. Preeta tells Sameer,

That it is his special day but cannot come like Arora and he feels bad for it. Sameer says that through video call he will show all this to Arora. So he will not miss anyone and the video We will also talk to everyone through the call. After that we see that Sherlyn remembers her insults and Sanjana comes over there and it is that she has heard about Ramu Naa. Mehra has also left the house due to Rakhi, Sanjana asks,

That she will not be informed for this, Sherlyn becomes hyper and says that Mehra, not what Mehra has done after that, is protecting her even after she has done something in front of Luthra. After that Sanjana says that Mehra has She has made a big mistake, then Sherlyn says that everything has happened due to Sarla, she says little to her that Rakhi had asked Mehra to leave her house due to guilt.

After that, what does Sanjana say that she should not care about Mehra at all but if Luthra comes to know about her truth then she is Sherlyn you think what will happen Sherlyn says that she is already in the election and she Tells that she does not want to talk.

Next we see that Kareena Dadi is inviting guests and asks Nimmi Rakhi whether Kareena has changed or is still behaving the same way. Rakhi tells her why she is talking like this to her Shouldn’t have talked at all, after that, she meets Kareena, Nimmi is teasing Sameer and Rishabh Kan. Rakhi has asked Karna to lift the veil of Preeta. Nimmi says that during this regime, the husband has to give his wife Also has to give a gift but Karan does not know about it,

Rakhi then gives a ring to Reason and says that she should wear it to her father which will be Preeta’s as a gift. After that we see that Karan enters Preeta’s veil and says that she was getting VIP treatment from the morning. He says that now everyone is watching what she is doing.

Kundali Bhagya 30 October 2020 Written Updates

He says that he is talking with her. The guests tease the two very much. Kareena is feeling embarrassed and complains to Dadi about it. Dadi asks her to ignore it all and Karan Preeta comes to wear the ring which Rakhi gave her.