Kundali Bhagya 29 April 2021 Written Update

Sameer asks Karan how could he realize they would fall into difficulty and the police would likewise come to capture them, Shristhi uncovers that it is a result of her since she messaged Karan when Ruchika was attempting to extort them educating him regarding the whole circumstance, Sameer acclaims Shristhi who says that she isn’t any typical young lady, Karan addresses what were the two of them doing, Sameer specifies that they saw Megha and Ruchika battling on the lookout and it was not any standard battle but rather in regards to something truly significant so they followed them both, Shristhi at that point clarifies the whole circumstance, Mahesh comes in the vehicle, Karan gets stressed asking what is he doing here as he was going to call him, Mahesh says that he has requested that the attorney come at the house and he should likewise hustle as they would examine the case, Karan orders the driver to drive the other vehicle while he would sit with Mahesh, he leaves encouraging Shristhi and Sameer to be cautious.

Prithvi can fix Mahira’s vehicle, she goes to get in when he inquires as to for what reason is she in such a rush , Mahira clarifies that she likewise has a gathering very much like him, she leaves and Prithvi sits in his own vehicle what breaks in the wake of moving somewhat further, Prithvi getting irate shouts that had he realized his own vehicle would break he couldn’t ever have helped Mahira, he takes a gander at the rearward sitting arrangement and thinks about an arrangement. Read more…..



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