At the beginning of the episode we see that Preeta who tells Maihar that she is now living in Luthra’s house is why she asks her daughter to assume all the responsibilities and she gets emotional to hear that she is responsible for her. is. Next we see that Preeta thanks Rakhi and says that she really felt that when she asked Mehra’s house to leave her, she did the things that were right for this house and it went wrong. Asked to fix it but yes she should have already done what she did not do. And then she asks him to prepare the material and dish.

Then we see that the son becomes very happy to listen to her and from there she leaves. Then Rakhi says that she knows full well that Mahesh likes Preeta, she also likes him very much but recently At the same time she is ignoring some things that are in the cause and is not expressing her love and then she says that right now they should try to trust each other but she also broke her trust in his heart. have broken.

Then we see that she tells him to wake up early. He doesn’t want anything else, Preeta is making halwa and the ex-girlfriend used to call him like this. Next we say that she says that she is just jealous. And just trying to tease her while crossing her, her arms accidentally touch her. Then she says that she is not intentionally sleeping with her and then gets ready to tie the string and it is not like that It does not happen between husband and wife and she tells him not to touch her without her permission.

Next we live that she hugs him and asks him how he touched her. Then he gets very close to her and tells her in her ear that he has not touched her in the same way without her permission and leaves her. He tries to get sugar from the cupboard and we then see him staring at the gaze which he notices and then we see Sherlyn flee from there to avoid embarrassment without her knowing. She sees everything.

Then we see that Kane thinks about what happened to him and why he likes her. Then we see Sherlyn enter the kitchen and ask him to give respect to the elder instead of dreaming or cameras. K Hari Preeta asks where the foolish person is and says that if Sherlyn had been a good daughter-in-law, she would have given him a lot of respect but she is not a good daughter-in-law and everyone trusts her that Preeta says Luthra Feeling very bad, that’s why I can easily hide my pregnancy state from them and was plotting against her by staying in my house.

Kundali bhagya 29 October Written Updates

Today we see that Rakhi gets very happy after seeing her sister Nimmi. Nimmi complains about Rakhi and tells grandmother that it did not get time to call so she did not call and she says that Rakhi Does not even invite her to her son’s wedding and that is why she shouts at him. Then we see that she meets Karma and also asks about Rishabh. Karma again says that he is not in the house yet. He went out somewhere. He asks grandmother to introduce her son to her in-laws.

Next we see that Sister is thinking to herself what could happen to Sameer, after that Sarla tells her that she is worried for Preeta as Luthra is with selfish people in this way and she is also a selfish girl. Next we see that Rakhi introduces Nimmi to Preeta and Sherlyn, then she asks Nimmi to bless her and she blesses them saying that she has only one neck piece but two daughter in-laws. That is why she is going to give it to the person who will win her heart, then she later tells Nimmi Rakhi that Preeta is the perfect choice for Karan.