Janki gets a call from Preeta, she gets some information about Shristhi as she was not going to the call, Janki hands the telephone to her, Preeta encourages Shristhi to not reveal to Sarla that Prithvi has returned to her life as she would get stressed over what’s going on in her parents in law house,

Preeta doesnot realize that the versatile is on speaker, Sarla says that she knows reality with regards to what’s going on saying how she figured he would not return her life yet she would do nothing that may hurt her marriage with Karan so would consistently accept their recommendation, as she has not failed to remember how he dealt with their family the last time. Shristhi at that point quickly closes the call, she looks for consent from Sarla saying how Preeta has called her to the Luthra house. Sarla encourages her to be cautious and furthermore deal with Preeta.Karan is descending the steps when he sees Mahira crying,

he asks what is the explanation so she clarifies she is feeling awful as she caused issues among him and Preeta, Karan attempts to clarify how there is no such thing anyway Mahira specifies that she ought not have applied the balm anyway as due to her activities Preeta and Karan began contending, karan says how there is no such thing so Mahira begs him saying how she wishes that their connection ought to be equivalent to it was previously, Karan gets surprised hearing his desire. Read More….