Mahira readies the camera at that point taking the water goes to the ice can and in the wake of adding the ice block she asks karan to drink it, Karan shouts that he is feeling truly abnormal and doesnot realize what has occurred, he takes a stab at getting up however then Mahira holds his hand requesting that he leave her hand, karan shouts that he has not held her hand yet Mahira is constantly shouting hjow he has held her hand and ought to have the vacation with Preeta and not her, Mahira at that point propels herself over him, Karan asks what is she doing at which Mahira clarifies that she can engage him in the event that he wants until Preeta doesnot come, Mahira at that point believes that the camera would record what she wants and afterward karan would need to argue to her cravings.

Shrishti clarifies that this can’t occur in light of the fact that she, when all is said and done, saw

Mahira drinking the water, Sherlin likewise comes clarifying that it is fortunate that they have gotten wakeful on the grounds that now she would educate them about what has happened on the grounds that they imagined that Mahira would not have the option to went through the night with karan yet she saw them in the hotel and in any event, when Sameer went to their table she perceived how he blended something then she traded the beverages, and best of all, Mahira is conscious and is at the current second with karan in his room, Preeta inquires as to for what reason is she talking waste.

Sherlin goes to her inquiring as to for what reason is she stressed however that she should be concerned now on the grounds that Mahira is with karan wearing the nighty which Shrishti brought for her and now Mahira would went through the night with Karan and in genuine would have the vacation, Preeta clarifies how this would not occur on the grounds that she realizes that Karan isn’t that way, Sherlin discloses that she wants to advise her that when the circumstance changes then men will in general have blended sentiments, Shrishti requests that her quit saying waste and that there is no compelling reason to watch the video’s, Shrishti begs Preeta to not see them since she heard Sherlin and Mahira discussing how they would blend something in his beverage. Sherlin clarifies that in any event, when an individual is the condition smashed and still, at the end of the day what he does is really what he wanted to do so this may happen in light of the fact that Karan wanted to be with Mahira and not her as he wedded her with bogus substance. Sherlin at that point begins the video prior to leaving.

Preeta sees that Mahira has given Karan a tablet, she asks that he doesnot has it anyway Karan takes it, he can’t handle himself at that point falls against the table, Preeta shouts that Mahira is wearing her night dress and she feels that she would attempt to do some improper demonstration with Karan, Shrishti begins hollering inquiring as to why sister she doing this on the grounds that the dress was for Karan.

Mahira in the room requests that Karan not concern and quiet down, she is turning on the music begins hitting the dance floor with him in any event, when he isn’t generally in his detects, she begins to have sentiment with him when he can’t handle himself, Karan tumbles to the ground and Mahira additionally follows him and he is truly in the condition tranquilized considers Mahira to be Preeta.

Preeta while being bound clarifies that she isn’t Infront of him and it is really Mahira, Preeta begs him to leave her and not go close to her since she is attempting to control him, Karan anyway considers her to be Preeta at that point begins to be sentimental with her reasoning that it is his better half, the two of them begin to move while holding the hands, Karan even kisses them as he feels that it is truly Preeta.

The two of them gaze into one another’s eyes when Mahira pushes him against the divider while attempting to draw nearer to him, Karan additionally pulls her closer however when she gets back it is the point at which he understands that she is really Mahira so Karan drives her away, he feels torment in his mind yet Mahira is continually attempting to come nearer to him, she strongly takes him to the bed where he falls and she gets up on him, Preeta can’t see it so calls for help without realizing who might come for them.

Rakhi brings tea for Dadi and Karina, she plunks down saying that she is missing them Karina clarifies that they would return after some time, Dadi gets some information about Sherlin and Mahira, Karina clarifies that Sherlin is sick and Mahira is dealing with her, Rakhi asks that she said that Mahira was sick and Sherlin is dealing with her, Karina clarifies that Sherlin got sick while dealing with Mahira and when they looked for the educate concerning the specialist he clarified that it is a direct result of her pregnancy so she should be shipped off any slope station which is the reason she sent them both to Manali and they are in a similar inn as Karan and Preeta, Karina inquires as to whether she did the correct demonstration, she gets the endorsement at that point is requested to bring the cell phone.

Dadi asks Rakhi what has occurred as she is looking strained, Rakhi clarifies that her concern is Mahira as she doesnot consider exemplary Preeta and is of the view that Preeta took karan from her, which isn’t the situation and she can’t consider how to cause her to understand the reality since she is after all the little girl of her beloved companion.

Dadi seeing her versatile is stunned as she has a great deal of missed calls from Mahira and Sherlin, Karina likewise says that it is the equivalent with her, there is a ring on the entryway, Rakhi goes to check it however Ganesh stops her colloquialism that he discovered her portable and she ought to sit while he would open the entryway, Rakhi additionally says that she has a ton of missed calls from Sherlin and Mahira.