Karan says that Preeta is correct and he is a show-stopper, he couldn’t comprehend her after the marriage in any event, when she has seen each and everything, Preeta clarifies this was the explanation he was getting distraught and irate as there isn’t anything to stress over in light of the fact that there is a major room with her #1 pad and sweet dish in the event that she gets eager.

Karan shouts that he is happy he got hitched to the idiotic young lady in any case if there was some other young lady she would have yelled at him, Preeta says she is additionally truly furious and will yell at him after she returns to the house as she realizes that there is a limitation on yelling in the prison, Karan gets anxious, Preeta uncovers she was simply kidding, he clarifies that he thought the court hearing was today anyway it is tomorrow, Preeta uncovers then what is the concern as she would get an opportunity to lay down with any issue, karan likewise says that he would rest without her, the two of them begin sobbing and embrace one another.

Rakhi requests that Kritika come and plunk down, she clarifies even after what has befallen her and Akshay extorting her is a matter in itself, she is likewise to blame since she concealed reality from them all realizing that they are her elderly folks and have the experience of carrying on with their life, and would have discovered an answer, Rakhi inquires as to whether she is right in her presumption, Karina additionally concurs with her when Kritika says that even after what has happened she wasn’t right to talk discourteously with Sarla, Karina discloses she has apologized to her, Rakhi and Karina both embrace her.

Sameer and Shristhi are following Mahira, he uncovers there is an issue on the grounds that the fuel is low in the vehicle, Shristhi getting distraught inquires as to for what reason did he not check it prior to addressing what might have he done on the off chance that he expected to arrive at some spot significant, Shristhi requests that he stop the vehicle, they see that Ruchika and Megha are both battling, Shristhi considers what be the issue here, she open the window to hear and listen that Megha is powerfully pulling Ruchika, who says that she is the explanation Akshay isn’t a major part of her life so pulls her to the side, Shristhi and Sameer plan to follow them to discover reality.

Preeta and Karan are in the prison, Preeta inquires as to for what reason did Kritika come clean in any event, when she requested that she not utter a word, Karan uncovers she did it since her mom went to their home, she got into a contention with Karina, hearing which Kritika may have believed that every one of the faults were being set on her so she educated reality, Preeta asks for what reason was Shristhi not ready to stop her since she was sent after Sarla, karan says that she was absent at their home, Preeta thinks about the thing may be Shristhi doing, Karina calls Preeta from behind and she has accompanied Kritika.

Shristhi and Sameer hear Ruchika battling with Megha in her home, the two of them get in a battle and Megha drives her away, Ruchika tosses her out of the house and when she is going to close the entryway, Shristhi and Sameer prevent her from shutting it, they request she uncover reality with regards to the fight with Megha, Ruchika anyway demands that they take off from her home and even calls the police requesting that they come promptly anyway Shristhi says that she realizes Ruchika is going about as though she had really called the police they would go to prison alongside her, she clarifies that she realizes that Ruchika is concealing something and should advise reality.

Karina alongside Kritika go into the room, Preeta promptly embraces Kritika, Karina calling her clarifies that she has apologized to Kritika anyway she said that had she known reality she would not have carried on in a particularly inconsiderate way with Preeta, she got out of hand with her and would have come to meet her initial on the off chance that she knew reality, she has truly violated her, Karina says that everybody wanted to help her yet she halted them and didn’t need anybody to meet her, knowing there is nobody in her family to help her, which means there is no gentlemen in her family, she realized Karan was irate with her and even didn’t attempt to quiet him, Karina apologizes saying that she is upset for some unacceptable which she has done.

Preeta holds the hands of Karina, Kritika additionally apologizes saying that she couldn’t satisfy the guarantee and educated reality since she couldn’t see her in such helpless conditions, Preeta clarifies there is no need since she was rarely alone and regardless of whether Karan was not with her she realized he really focused on her, even Mahesh daddy came to meet her and regardless of whether he doesnot recollect everything from an earlier time, he realizes that she is his girl, Karina by and by apologizes to Preeta saying that she did a great deal for her little girl in her period of scarcity in any event, when she was so impolite with her, Preeta makes reference to there is no need since she knows everybody in her family has an alternate method of communicating adoration and outrage, she is honored that she has nobody yet two families who care for her, Karina shouts she has now come to acknowledge the amount Preeta really focuses on them as a family, Kritika embraces her from behind and begins sobbing, Karina likewise adulates her.