Sarla emerges from the live with the Parshad and offers it to Janki so sits on the table, Janki asks what the issue is on the grounds that he looks stressed, Sarla makes reference to she is concerned on account of Preeta on the grounds that she imagines that something may happen which she can’t bear, Janki additionally says that she is stressed so requests that Sarla call her and ask that she should go to the house, Sarla clarifies how Janki is frantic in light of the fact that simply the previous evening Preeta endured so much in any event, when she believed that Akshay’s actual face would be uncovered in the whole family however he rather blamed Shristhi she at that point thinks for video calling Preeta on the grounds that then she would feel decent.

Preeta is in the room when she gets a video call from Sarla, she promptly ask her mom what has happened then Sarla clarifies how she ought do nothing

of the sort as else she would be addressed and afterward her relationship would be demolished which can’t occur, Preeta at that point says that she ought not concern since she is truly sharp and would have the option to battle with everybody.

Sarla sees that Shrishti is attempting to leave anyway stops her asking where she is going, Shrishti attempts to concoct a rationalization of going to the market yet Sarla clarifies how she knows about her longings yet she would not be allowed to go to the Luthra house as then Preeta would be stressed over her prosperity so she ought not go there, Shrishti clarifies how in the event that the two of them are together, at that point would have the option to manage everything much better anyway Sarla doesnot tune in to anything that she needs to state and sends her into her room, Janki likewise clarifies how she feels Shristhi is coming clean.

Sarla requests that she come and remain in the front as she would clarify her by and by, Sarla specifies how in the event that Preeta is separated from everyone else, at that point would manage everybody nonetheless on the off chance that Shrishti is with her, at that point she would rather take care of her which is the reason he found the opportunity to place a particularly terrible follow up on her as though Preeta is separated from everyone else then she would deal with everything, she arranges her to leave and go into the kitchen and not stress over Preeta.

Shristhi in the room asks why her mom isn’t releasing her as she needs to consider the to be of Akshay as they have assembled the evidence against him so now he would not have the option to deny anything and she wants to perceive how the Luthra family would deal with him subsequent to knowing reality, she considers running from the window referencing that she would not remain in her room in light of reality which they need to uncover, Shristhi considers shutting the entryway first before as then Sarla would think she is as yet in her room, Shristhi at that point leaves the window.

Karina shouts of how every capacity is occurring with no issue, Akshay’s mom clarifies that he advised her and that there isn’t anything to stress over on the grounds that under the condition it is smarter to have the capacities in the house.

Rakhi inquires as to whether she has sent the Haldi to the mandir to which she makes reference to how Mahira has taken it, Preeta considers how it would be better on the off chance that the evidence came to before the Haldi as, at that point they would know the genuine essence of Akshay.

Preeta calls Sameer inquiring as to whether all the arrangements have been made after which she closes the call, karan comes saying that he wants nothing incorrectly ought to occur in the capacity on account of her, Karan goes to Kritika referencing how he is truly going to miss her after she is hitched, Karan at that point leaves subsequent to getting a call.

Kritika goes to Preeta referencing how she needs to know whether Preeta is as yet irate with her, however she specifies that isn’t at all furious, Kritika makes reference to how Karina advised her to not converse with her which is the reason she couldn’t yet Akshay moves frantic so removes her from Preeta.

Janki is going to add the oil when Sarla comes saying that she should utilize the Himami resistance supporter oil on the grounds that the oil would have the option to improve their wellbeing and even furnish them with the wellbeing which they need since they don’t take care of their wellbeing which is the reason she brought it then she takes the vegetables and even beginnings making them state that she has likewise requested Preeta to take it in the kitchen from her own home.

Akshay carries Kritika to the room when she requests that he leave her hand as he has held It a ton firmly when he says that he didn’t understand it since he has the hold of a man, Kritika gets strained saying that it is genuine on the grounds that he probably won’t have acknowledged then Akshay says how he wants to chat with her since then notices how he feels she adores Preeta all the more then him and he feels that in the event that she doesnot end her fellowship with Preeta, at that point she would end their connection as a couple, he leaves the room while Kritika gets truly strained.

Preeta is attempting to call Sameer when Akshay thumps on the entryway of the room referencing how his folks have consistently instructed him to have a few habits which she doesnot have as she came into his room without thumping and furthermore that he felt truly downright terrible then Preeta likewise says that she felt awful when he accused Shristhi,

she specifies how he doesnot have any character so ought not act, Akshay makes reference to that he is appreciative on the grounds that one individual knows the whole truth about him, Preeta undermines how she would uncover reality with regards to him in the capacity, Akshay clarifies how he has acknowledged her demand, karan calls from behind asking what challenge they are discussing. Read More…..