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Next we will see Preeta sleeping on the couch. And he is feeling very cold due to cold, he is cautious, the reason is called heartless because he knows that I am getting cold but still he is not stopping such. Then he says that he Does not care whether you are feeling cold or not. Next we see that she brings a quilt and wears it on herself to get rid of the cold.

Then we see that she intentionally starts snoring. So that Karan is troubled by this, then she says that when someone interrupts her sleep, she is unable to sleep and she takes a knife and attacks the person who spoils her sleep and also warns her that he bothers her. Do not do anything else will be a great danger for him. Then we see that he laughs at her a lot and falls asleep saying good night Kareena enters Sameer’s room and tells her that she is seeing that he is not listening to her at all.

Next we see that Simmi calls Sameer and Kareena disconnects the call and she leaves from there. Srishti wonders why Sameera has not picked up her phone because if someone next to her otherwise she does not and Sir Lajo picks up my phone and tells him to bring a bottle of water to Srishti. Next we see that Srishti gets worried thinking that what Sarla has said about Sameer has decided to bring Sir away from Luthra,

Preeta has already faced a lot of trouble because of her. And she cannot even let Shrishti suffer on Preeta then she says that she will pray to God to give Preeta the power to bear it all so that she can fight to get her rights then we see that Rishabh wakes up Goes to the body, asks if he is drinking coffee. So he replies that he has a lot of work to do and then he will make it for her and ask where she went last night. She remembers how Rah had reached Earth’s house and told her that she was with the woman again.

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He asks how he can find the woman and says that he is not really understanding how he has to understand the situation. Then we see that Kara tells him not to think too much and says that he Just helping her tie Dori. They are reacting as if they are tying with her. Then she asks why is he helping her when she asked for it. Then he says He loves her very much, then realizes what he said and the two fall silent. He starts talking about some other topic. Instead of putting it on, he is asking them to tie the cord. Go.