Kundali Bhagya 27 August 2020 Written Updates

Kundali Bhagya Written Update today episode

Kundali Bhagya 27 August 2020 Written Updates :- The episode begins with Karan and Preeta where both are very sad because they are separated from each other again due to their bad luck. They are separated from each other due to their horoscope luck and the reason is very angry. Is and destroys his room, starts throwing all the stuff here and there, shouts like this and says Preeta’s name, Preeta is shocked to hear this.

Kundali Bhagya 27 August 2020 Written Updates

Mehra accuses Sherlyn of stopping the marriage. Sherlyn tells her to stop her madness and don’t accuse me and I tell her that she did what she thought was right because she is very confident and she To face the truth, Preeta says that she got Karna married to Karna and she says that she tried very hard to stop our marriage in Arun and she says that I know her every game that is why I did this. Not allowed to happen


She yells at Mehr and tells her to stay within her limits. Sherlyn tells Preeta to get angry because all this trick is hers. And tells Preeta to go from there. Sherlyn doesn’t get any auto rickshaw.

He spoke for Preeta. She hires an autorickshaw. Sherlyn contacted him and took the keys to the vehicle. Shrishti disturbed Sherlyn. He to seduce Sherlyn and upset the helpless man. He finds the key. Sherlyn asked not to take the creation in her vehicle. She compromises and sends him away.

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Ramona is in a room with Sanjana and on the other hand Kareena is crying for her bad luck because she is crying because her own girl is not fit to marry what is she thinking that someone in our family So there is someone who is helping Preeta, there Kareena gets upset by his order and Ramona says by the name of Rishabh that sure Rishabh must have helped her and on the other hand Kareena goes and says that you should think about this. How to take it because Rishabh accepts everything you say at a single word

Right now everyone is saying that no government does the marriage of Karan and Preeta Sanjana tells me that if you people do not believe in marriage then why are you talking about the marriage of Karan and Preeta right now Sherlyn is talking to Srishti that she once again tried to get Karan and Preeta married because he could be rich but now she knows that it can never happen

In the last of the episode, Mehra is accusing Preeta of why you did all this because she was the one who inspired her not to get married. That is why Karan could not get married and she speaks to her worse and says that You have always been a source of trouble for us. I say that I know all the plans have been made by Sarla because she considers herself the smartest. Right now even the drinker gets angry and she shouts loudly that I Can’t hear any words against mother. We will see the rest in the episode

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