Kundali Bhagya 27 April 2021 Written Updates


Preeta asks Karan to never say that she doesnot care for him since, in such a case that he didn’t mind why did he send the pink cushion, karan asks how could she know it since he requested that the constable say that Rakhi send it, Preeta clarifies that this is the thing that he said however she knew it from her heart that Karan send the pad since he is the one in particular who might not feel languid while she was in the cell, she likewise realized he send the chocolate milkshake since he is the one in particular who knows it,

Karan and he is in her predetermination which nobody can grab from her, the two of them embrace each other Preeta apologizes for being off-base, he requests that she say it noisy and boisterous, she understands he is simply prodding her. The two of them embrace each other indeed. Read more…….




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