In the today scene of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi hurries to his legal counselor’s home and compromises him to prepare Rhea’s bail papers. In spite of the cop attempting to drag her back, Pragya consoles Rhea that she will get Prachi to get the case excused. Rhea gets confident once more, however Alia keeps on taking care of her lies against Pragya.

Ranbeer shows up home, and tragically, Pallavi detects the ring on his finger. Ranbeer winds up advising everybody that he got connected with to Prachi when Pallavi demands that he eliminate the ring. Pallavi slaps him, and a battle of words results between the two. She hauls Ranbeer to his room and bolts him inside to keep him from seeing anybody. While Pallavi discloses to Vikram that she has figured out how to get Ranbeer to do what she needs, Ranbeer sets out to contend back energetically.

Pragya shows up home to take Prachi to the police headquarters, yet she stops her and requests that her clarify everything. At the point when Pragya advises her of everything, Prachi requests to know why Pragya is stressed over Rhea. Pragya discloses to her that Rhea is her sister and Sarita Ben understands reality. Prachi and Pragya set out for the police headquarters, and Prachi contemplates Abhi.