Kundali Bhagya 26 March 2021 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya Written Update today episode

Kritika is riding in the vehicle, she recollects Akshay cautioned her to meet him at the inn at precisely six PM. she requests that the driver pick up the pace, Preeta is following Kritika pondering where she is going however any place she will be going there is inconvenience, Mahira is additionally following Preeta pondering where is she going in light of the fact that she will effectively demolish her date with Karan, she reviews that she tested Preeta that she will destroy her connection with Karan in only three days so she would satisfy her test.

Preeta quits seeing Kritika’s vehicle who is at a similar eatery where Karan requested that she come, Kritika is then asked by the watchman to go at the posterior, which is for the inn reservations, Mahira is confounded pondering where Preeta is going, she anyway imagines that there isn’t anything to stress since she will presently invest some energy with Karan.


Akshay opens the entryway, Prithvi is remaining at the entryway and promptly comes in with a folder case, Akshay is truly glad to see the cash at that point requests that Prithvi give him the case, Akshay quickly begins tallying the cash, Prithvi requests that he stop the checking and call Kritika, frightening her to the degree that she begins shaking and come racing to him looking for his assistance, Prithvi causes him to recall the arrangement which the conceded to and he should panic Kritika so she comes rushing to him, Prithvi encourages Akshay to remain at a costly inn regardless of whether he is fouling up in light of the fact that quite possibly he can cover up in any inn.


Karan is holding up in the eatery where Mahira additionally comes, she welcomes Karan asking what is he doing in the café and should not think that she is following him since she just came to meet her companion anyway she is as yet not here, Mahira requests that Karan not concern and sit tight for Preeta while she will likewise sit tight for her companion, she arranges espresso in the wake of finding a spot at the other table, Mahira at that point comes sit with karan clarifying that she was getting awkward on the grounds that others were gazing at her in any event, when Karan doesnot imagine that she is pretty, Karan acclaims that she is really looking delightful.

Kritika is going to enter the inn, she is halted by Preeta who asks her what’s going on, Kritika gets truly stressed seeing Preeta, she continually questions her what’s up on the grounds that she saw her hurrying out of the house yet didn’t comprehend the explanation, she therefor followed her to the lodging, Preeta requests that Kritika in structure her of the explanation since she is her well-wisher and companion, Kritika is anyway bewildered and not even ready to say anything Infront of her, Preeta pulls her in the vehicle where Prithvi is likewise strolling, they anyway don’t associate with one another.


Preeta sits with Kritika in the vehicle which is left Infront of Prithvi’s vehicle, he sits in the vehicle at that point sees the missed call of Sherlin, he thinks about how is it possible that he would have not gone to the vehicle which stresses him and he calls her, Sherlin promptly inquires as to whether their arrangement has been cultivated, Prithvi reacts that their work is done, he at that point understands that his vehicle is stuck between two different vehicles, this irritates him since he can’t figure out how to drive out of the parking garage.

Preeta attempts to dissuade Kritika requesting that she illuminate her what the issue is as she considers her as her sister actually like Shristhi, she is truly stressed for her prosperity, Preeta addresses Kritika who starts crying, she is sorry to Preeta for not trusting her when she revealed to her that Akshay isn’t the perfect individual for her and now he is coercing her with some photographs and recordings which he has when they were together, Preeta reassures Kritika who is crying referencing that she realizes how to deal with such sort of individuals. She should not concern since the two of them would discover an exit from this wreck, Prithvi gets truly baffled saying that he will presently don’t trust that the driver will move their vehicle, Preeta requests that she not concern since she will discover a way, Prithvi is continually sounding at the vehicle at that point says to Sherlin that he can not stand by any more and would converse with the drivers in the vehicle left before his vehicle not realizing that it is the vehicle of Preeta, he is going to open the entryway yet the gatekeeper stops him referencing that the vehicle is left in the correct spot and assuming he doesnot quit blaring, his supervisor would reprove him, Prithvi anyway arranges him to chat with the driver, the watchman demands Preeta to move her vehicle anyway she clarifies that she is left in the correct spot so would not move, Prithvi feels aggravated so attempts to move his vehicle anyway scratches Preeta’s vehicle simultaneously, Preeta gets truly distraught and is going to get out yet is halted by Kritika, she specifies that their arrangement is truly perilous and she should not push ahead anyway Preeta requests that she not concern as she can battle with any issue for her. Read more…….


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