Janki shouts in the event that she has gotten frantic, Shristhi says how she has not hitched him, Janki reacts that she is discussing Kritika and did she not discover anybody other than Prithvi on the grounds that he is truly not a decent man, as when she became acquainted with of his reality identifying with Sherlin, he attempted to execute her.

Shristhi makes reference to how he has not at any point hurt the Luthra’s so they feel that he is really a decent individual, Janki shouts how he can never be straightforward anyway thinks about how might Sherlin let him get hitched to Kritika, the two of them close how their relationship was simply time based and there was not much.

Prithvi goes into the room calling Sherlin anyway she quickly begins beating him with anything that she can discover and even gives him an electric not really focusing on anybody outside, he is tossing her on the bed holds her hand arguing her to pause and simply allow him five minutes, the two of them lie on the bed totally depleted. Read More….