Kundali Bhagya 26 April 2021 Written Update

Kritika gets angry with Kareena’s allegations and uncovers that Preeta is enduring a result of her. It causes Karan and Kareena to feel puzzled. Sarla says that she had a clue about it and solicitations Kritika to uncover reality to everybody. Karan says that he is annoyed with her for concealing reality yet he actually cherishes Preeta and really focuses on her.

Kritika starts to uncover that Akshay was coercing her. She clarifies how he was taking steps to defame her. Kritika portrays the occurrence wherein Preeta upheld her and went to converse with Akshay. Everybody gets much more stunned to hear that Preeta had assaulted Akshay in light of the fact that he attempted to attack her.



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