Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2020 Written Updates

Kundali Bhagya Written Update today episode

Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2020 Written Updates:- Similarly you saw in the last episode of Kundli Bhagya that Pandit tells Mahira that now there is nothing I can do because in the eyes of the law Karan and Preeta are gone. That is why I will not be able to do anything to break up the marriage right now Seen in the last episode that Preeti goes to Mahesh and asks to help Sherlyn and Mahira to prove their guilt, similarly when she sees some improvement in Mahesh’s condition she gets very excited. Just like what was shown to you in the previous letters

Tomorrow’s episode of Kundli Bhagya will show you that Mahira refuses to burn herself. This is how Sherlyn goes to Mandak and says that the woman has tried to kill herself So she listens to Preeta and she refuses to believe that the woman has tried to kill herself. However, she promises to leave if Rakhi’s mother also thinks that she should not be in Luthra House.
In the same way, Rakhi asks Preeta to leave the house, then everyone is standing on her, Ram is left.

In the same way you will see that Karan will look at Preeta and remembering her marriage promise, he starts to extend his hand but Kareena comes there and she closes the door, similarly you will see that Karan would ignore Mehra And he goes to his room, Rishabh will ask Rakhi that he has insulted Preeta too much, this is how Rakhi speaks and she says that the way Preeta was tricked into marriage by Karan She was very angry, in this way you will see that she also gets very angry with Preeta. All this will be shown to you in tomorrow’s episode


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