Kundali bhagya 25 November 2020 Written Update full Episode

Scene starts with Police takes Sarla with them. Sherlyn follows them and advises the Police examiner to not leave Sarla saying she attempted to execute her and her kid so she ought to get extreme discipline for that. Sarla says Sherlyn realizes that she can’t think to hurt her or her kid yet Sherlyn needs to hurt Preeta and inquires as to why she is doing this.

Sherlyn advises her to remain quiet saying she attempted to hurt her youngster yet her kid is protected. Janki apologize to Police assessor for halting her and argues her to leave Sarla saying she is blameless and she can’t think to hurt anybody. Police monitor says there is F.I.R against Sarla so she needs to capture her regardless and she can’t support her in this and proposes her to recruit Lawyer for Sarla’s bail.


Sherlyn advises to Sarla that Police helped Preeta to remain in Luthra house and she is enduring her ordinarily there and today she rendered her retribution by capturing Sarla, presently Preeta will act the hero her mom and it’s uncommon day for her.


She says they ruined her arrangement so today she will break her girl’s fasting. She says Preeta’s wellbeing isn’t steady as of now and now she needs to battle for her mom and she needs more solidarity to do that so it will be such a huge amount of enjoyable to observe all forthcoming show. Later Sherlyn taunts Janki and leaves from that point.

Mahira was considering Sherlyn and says it’s as yet not reachable. She thinks she is truly cheerful seeing Kareena and Dadi’s concerned face and they should lament for not tuning in to Sherlyn prior and she realizes that Sherlyn on her way subsequent to completing her work however she won’t illuminate that to anybody. Sherlyn comes there.


Kareena asks where she abandoned advising anybody and says she was going to call Sanjana moreover. Sherlyn acts like she is going to swoon. Mahira takes her towards the bed and instructs them to bring caffeinated drink or lemonade for Sherlyn and locks the entryway from inside. She asks what occurred there. Sherlyn says Police captured Sarla as indicated by their arrangement and they snickers.

Mahira says this is genuine impact and grins. Sherlyn says Preeta will become frantic hearing this news and she is now frail and they will observer enthusiastic show of her. Sherlyn says nothing ought to happen to her kid. Mahira guarantees her colloquialism nothing will happen to her youngster. Sherlyn says her youngster is solid so nothing will occur.


Preeta says she simply has cerebral pain other than that she is truly fine at this point. Karan says she is deceiving them to proceed with her fasting . She says Sristy will do set out back rub toward her. Sameer reveals to Karan that Preeta thinks about him so much and she isn’t childish.

Sristy was rubbing Preeta’s head however Karan stops her and he begins to do set out back rub toward Preeta. Preeta stuns seeing him there rather than Sristy. Sameer discloses to Sristy that he can see love between them. Janki arrives at Luthra house and illuminates about Sarla’s capture.

Summary Main Story: Alia’s devious plan against Rhea

Newscast Live Days: Monday To Saturday

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