Shristhi asks Preeta what plan she has and how can she intend to uncover Akshay, Preeta clarifies how they would satisfy their arrangement in an expert way, and they would need to watch out for him 24 hours after which they would have the option to uncover him.

Sameer asks her what plan she has when she clarifies how they would begin chipping away at their new arrangement and would follow Akshay so he would clearly lead them to Ruchika and afterward they would discover something about him after which they would uncover him before everybody.

Akshay shouts how he is beginning to look all starry eyed at her, Megha asks what he is stating as he is getting hitched to Kritika, Akshay shouts how he is wedding Kritika yet there is likewise something known as a separation, Akshay shouts how she may be believing that he isn’t of a decent character yet he got awful subsequent to seeing her in the gathering anyway she imagined that he was following her, Megha gets some information about his union with which Akshay clarifies that he is wedding Kritika just for her cash which is the reason she should turn into his as she would without a doubt get a great deal of cash and love from cash, Megha leaves when he feels that he gets a ton of fervor in the wake of playing with such countless young ladies at one single time and that he has shown Shristhi a thing or two so now it is Preeta’s time.

Shristhi and Preeta are holding up in the vehicle when Preeta inquires as to whether she is certain that Akshay would come out as else they would be hanging tight for him all when he probably won’t come out, Shristhi clarifies that he will definitely come out as he would get arrogant when the two of them call the driver anyway he is conversing with somebody when Akshay comes out, the two of them call the driver anyway he leaves them when they get out and Sameer comes, they all beginning follow him.

Ruchika is hanging tight for Akshay when he comes clarifying that she is looking a the following tycoon of the town, he discloses how Preeta attempted to destroy his picture in front the family anyway he caused her to appear to be to blame and afterward demonstrated that she was simply charging him by making a scene indicating that he was acting mischievously with a young lady, Ruchika requests that he be cautious as then everybody would acknowledge what he is really arranging, Akshay guarantees her that nothing incorrectly would happen when the two of them head out to eat pani purri where an individual comes and is eating a dish, he staggers when the two of them head out, Sameer alongside Shristhi and Preeta can accumulate a great deal of photographs yet when they are going to follow them again a vehicle comes and they are limited however then indeed begin following them.

Karan comes into the room anyway he doesnot discover Preeta there so ponders where she may have gone yet when he doesnot locate her at that point calls Preeta, she is in the vehicle considering how he would respond as though she answers the call then he would address where she is and she can’t come clean with him as their central goal would be ruined, the call closes so Karan asks why she isn’t noting the call when he again attempts, Karan apologizes for carry impolite with her when she clarifies that she is at Sarla’s home, anyway Karan understands that she is lying since he hears the vehicle horn so closes the call.

Preeta and Shristhi alongside Sameer see that Akshay and Ruchika stop the vehicle, they understand that it is the place of Ruchika when they enter it anyway the entryway is opened which stresses them, they understand that she has gone to the place of the neighbor and there is additionally a kid there, they begin looking through the house attempting to locate some verification against them both when they discover the collection which has all the photographs of Ruchika and Akshay, Sameer exhorts that they can take the photographs with them anyway Preeta specifies how they can’t ready them so would take delicate duplicates of them, Preeta takes the photos in her portable when they attempt to look for some other evidence yet Ruchika accompanies her companion and the kid, so they stow away and run out of the house when they get an opportunity.

Preeta subsequent to arriving at the road requests Shristhi to get printed versions from the photographs since they need to get a strong verification as they must be completely arranged, Shristhi clarifies how their old video producer has now become a picture taker so she would get the printed copies, Preeta gets stressed, Sameer asks what has occurred, she answers how she has deceived Karan and now realizes that he would be irate with her, Shristhi specifies how she was the one to show her how to be gallant.