Prithvi in the wake of coming to Karina shouts how he could never ask her for the explanation which made Akshay leave the Mandap as he feels that she is his present and imagines that couples are made in paradise, Karina at that point asks them both to proceed to spruce up while she would send their possessions.

Mahira is with Sherlin who is continually crying, she requests that she not be so exceptionally stressed as everything would work out, Sherlin clarifies how nothing would occur, Mahira is concerned when Sherlin inquires as to for what reason is she taking a gander at her in such a way when Mahira says how she never saw her like this, Sherlin says how this is on the grounds that nothing of the sort at any point occurred so she feels as biting the dust,

she at that point requests that Mahira leave as she needs to rest and doesnot let her visit, she sits on the floor thinking how Prithvi has violated her subsequent to wedding Kritika. Read More….