Today starts with a servant, Jogi is giving water to Preeta and asking him to rest and he is saying that he will handle all the preparations on his own then Rishabh asks Sherlyn what should he do to Karna She was very close to him to avoid this question, which silenced her, after which Prithvi’s brother reached her house and questioned his mother about Prithvi and she gave him nothing to wear and He kept talking about his brother. He then tells her that he is going to be with her from now on and that he is not going anywhere no matter what happens and seeing his restless face, he asks what happened and he is hiding something from her. What and then she tells him that Prithvi was about to marry Brita but that could not happen.

Mehra then makes a phone call to Prithvi but Prithvi does not pick up the phone and 52 attends his call. Pawan is the poster that why he called him to make me realize that he is not talking to Preity at all. I kidnap her for Preeta. She tells all about the plan as she is his true love and her world is all right. Cock is also telling her that Preeta cheated on her. Then Pawan introduces Mehra and reveals about himself and He says that he will kidnap Preity too and Preeta and asks her to send her address.

Hey we will see how Dadi told Giri that she should not have any problem with the guests, so Rakhi tells her that if she has any doubt then she can ask him then Ramona was about to leave the house but Kareena Rakhi stops her. Then Rakhi says that Romona’s decision to leave the house is absolutely wrong. Mona says that she cannot do anything wrong, but she has done absolutely wrong with Mehra and she says that when doing with Preeta Is getting reception so how can she stay here

Rakhi then explained to her in a very good way that she is his friend, so she should not go out of the house in this way, then the father stared at Mehra looking at a sari like her and asked what she was doing in her room Thi and then Mehra fills her forehead with vermilion and says that there are very few people who witness Preeta’s wedding but many people are coming to join such a moment including the media and Grammar’s wife Preeta’s Preeta will be in the form and after listening to her, Preeta gets a big shock.