Next you will see that Rakhi asks Ramona how she can talk about what Mehra did in the reception while the father got married due to the veil behind replacing Mehra, then Rakhi says that in the past Joe Whatever happened, it does not matter at this time, but the truth is that Preeta and Karna have a wife.

And he cannot deny that he should control his daughter. Then we see that she says that Mehra is absolutely mad. She always keeps chanting yesterday’s name. Next we see she tells Ramona Is that she will take her daughter with her and teach her what life is,

And how to live it and when life does not go on as we wish, then how should she live then Mehra says that if she loves karma it makes her mad and she is fine with him and how is it It is also very good for her. Preeta asks her to control herself. Mehra says that if the father had controlled himself then this situation would never come and says that she is talking to Rakhi that’s why her handicrafts Should not do.

Only Rita says that she has all the rights to do anything. When someone bothers her family, she will exercise her rights and she is Rakhi’s daughter-in-law. Mehra asks when Preeta always insults Dhotra and What did he do against Luthra and Kareena Preeta, then she said that how can she say all these things.

Because she has protected Luthra’s dignity and she has cried badly that she feels bad for him and asks him to accept it. Now Preeta is made of Karan. She again says that today father said something to Mehra Anyone can feel anything else for him by feeling very bad and also what he did in the reception should not be ignored because his behavior makes the guests already feel very bad about Luthra.

Today we see that she is requesting Ramona to take Mehra with her. She apologizes to Mehra saying that she knows that Karan had promised her that he would marry her but that is not possible now Because she is already married, she should understand that she cannot get married now. Then Kareena asked what happened to Rakhi, then she is asking me to leave Mehra’s house. If someone wants to leave this house then she is Preeta That is why he should leave and moves towards Mehra and says that she is his best friend.

Kundali bhagya 26 october 2020 written updates

That is why she only goes for him and she is not happy at all in this house even she has seen how much she has changed and why she is spoiling her life for him which he cannot see then Mona says It is said that she had never faced insults in her life and asks Mehra to go with her and has taken leave and she pushes Rakhi angrily, pleading not to let him go.

And it says that she did not leave from here. The people who were watching them all go to the Chowk. Dadi gets very angry and tells Mehra to leave the house. Rishabh tells her Preeta expresses her disappointment and Mehra from there. Then Preeta goes to Mehra’s room, Mehra says that Preeta will be very happy today because she has managed to get me out of the house.

She then says that Mehta’s own plan has left her behind. Mehra then says that she cannot forget anything and will attack Preeta when she is very happy in her life and she will definitely take revenge Legi will take away everything by grace, will take away all her happiness, will ensure that she regrets marrying Karma and that day will come very soon.