Scene starts with Girish was going to close the entryway however Sameer stops him saying Sristy coming and he is sitting tight for her. Sristy goes into Luthra house and gets some information about Preeta. He answers saying she is resting in her room. She thinks why house is so quiet and where everybody went. He comprehended her opinion and advises her to not pose those inquiries to him when he is with her.

She says she didn’t said anything then why he is responding this way. He says she didn’t said straightforwardly yet that is her opinion and he makes certain of it in the wake of investing energy with her this much. She instructs him to focus on her feelings in the event that he can guess what her might be thinking, at that point and she simply needs to see Preeta now. Sherlyn accuses Sarla saying she attempted to murder her kid.

Rishab says she generally censures Sarla and Preeta for each awful thing which happens to her and says he doesn’t think there is poison in those laddus and furthermore Doctor just expected seeing the manifestations so we should hang tight for the outcomes and advises her to take rest as opposed to responding like this now.

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Karan says he likewise don’t think laddu has anything to do with her wellbeing simply as he don’t might suspect she is pregnant in light of the fact that until now nobody thinks about her pregnancy and says all will be great and Rishab said as of now what he needed to state and leaves from that point. Rishab says Karan is correct. Sherlyn acts like crying and says this is the reason she didn’t said about her pregnancy and he didn’t grinned in the wake of hearing the uplifting news in light of the fact that in all actuality more her and his kid for him Preeta and her family is significant.

Mahira says Rishab harming Sherlyn with his conduct particularly when she is pregnant and says he can’t act like this with her, she needs his consideration and consideration now. Rishab says everybody blowing up now and he doesn’t have to demonstrate anybody that the amount he is worried for Sherlyn and he thinks about her and her youngster that is the reason advising her to take rest.

She says it’s additionally his kid. He says he would prefer not to battle in that theme and leaves the room. Sherlyn says everybody perceived how Rishab conversed with her and nobody said anything to him. Dadi says she doesn’t think Rishab and Karan aren’t right since she, at the end of the day, don’t feel that Sarla attempting to kill her youngster. Kareena attempted to meddle yet Dadi prevents her and leaves from that point.

Kareena comforts the crying Sherlyn and guarantees her that she will converse with Dadi and advises her to take rest. Sristy meets Preeta and embraces her expression she was stressed hearing over her ailment. Preeta says now she is feeling better subsequent to seeing her. Sameer enlightens Sristy concerning poison matter. Sristy speculates Sherlyn and Mahira and asks Preeta that did they feed her anything.

Kareena reveals to Dadi that Preeta isn’t rabbit’s foot like Rakhi thinks rather she is misfortune for Luthra’s. Mahira advises her to get egotistical for her family and prompts her against Sarla. Krithika educates them that Sherlyn is missing. Sherlyn arrives at Arora house with Police. Sarla attempts to guard her however nobody listens her and Police captures her.

Preeta feels something awful occurred and discloses to Sristy that she needs to converse with Sarla. Karan comes there and advises Sristy to take care of food to Preeta saying she isn’t listening anybody. Preeta says for them it’s simply fasting however for her it’s significant custom and she is saving this for her and Karan’s relationship so she won’t break this. Karan remains quiet hearing her.