Kundali Bhagya 24 February 2021 Written Update


Dadi shouts that she wedded him simply after he saved her life, Kritika says how she isn’t finish as the lawbreakers didn’t quit following sew so sooner or later, she alongside Prithvi je halted at a public wedding. Kritika asks Prithvi for what good reason he halted the bicycle, he clarifies how there is a group, and they would have the option to mix in, at that point Kritika asks what’s going on here, Prithvi clarifies how there is a common wedding, the coordinator clarifies how they have picked a generally excellent MLA who really focuses on them so he presently requests the Pandit to begin the customs from the marriage. The MLA is stunned to see them and even requests that his consultant proceed to toss them full scale since they will currently demolish the wedding, they come to him and subsequent to taking his approval shout how there is a somebody who has come to cover up in the wake of beating them and he should simply permit them to search for once, the government official concurs anyway cautions them how on the off chance that they make any issue, he would ask his mom who might take them subsequent to beating him. Prithvi and Kritika are both playing out the customs, he even feels her Mang which stresses her as she feels that it is a custom and they likewise begin playing out the circles, when Kritika recalls how they took the garments of one of the couples who were not prepared to get hitched and it is the point at which the two of them took their garments and got marriedKaran shouts how he doesnot have faith in such a marriage

Preeta additionally clarifies what Karan said referencing how she doesnot need to acknowledge such a marriage with Prithvi who a criminal is and doesnot have any character, Kritika says how Preeta said the equivalent regarding Akshay, Sherlin additionally takes the side of Preeta and Karan referencing how she doesnot need to acknowledge such a marriage as she ought not say that she can carry on with her existence with Prithvi. Prithvi asks what he has fouled up to get such scorn from that point and they are considering incorrectly him, karan yells at him requesting how he ought not talk in the middle, prithvi says how he would talk when they are passing judgment on him for his past, however he is a changed man now, Kritika going to him shouts how she would consistently remain by him and not adjudicator him on his past.Preeta specifies how she ought not say this since she isn’t thinking obviously and even they were not hitched with affection yet it was a direct result of the circumstance so she ought not consider carrying on with her existence with such a man who isn’t qualified to be a spouse, Kritika at that point says how she has additionally damaged Karan in mask and is satisfying her life so for what reason can she not do likewise, Preeta clarifies how she was hitched to karan even previously and had acknowledged him as her better half so for what reason can she not acknowledge her marriage,


Preeta clarifies how she ought not stress over her and not tune in to anybody yet should possibly think in the event that she would have the option to carry on with her existence with such a man, Kritika shouts how she can live on the grounds that she has likewise hitched Prithvi as per all the customs and has acknowledged him as her significant other, Prithvi additionally remarks how he has likewise acknowledged her as his wife.Karan declines saying how he doesnot have faith in such a marriage and they ought to think of it as invalid and void, Kritika stops him inquiring as to for what reason is he doing it since she has acknowledged Prithvi as her better half so what issue do they have with him. as she is currently his significant other, Karan holding her firmly asks for what reason is she not agreement what he is attempting to clarify and leaves saying that he won’t ever acknowledge the marriage.


Kritika begins crying hearing this. Rakhi races to Kritika begging her to not cry as everybody would be with her yet they simply need some time, Dadi likewise going to her notice how she ought not cry since she is with her, Prithvi takes her endowments, Karina at that point shouts how she has not still yet acknowledged her, Preeta thanks god when Karina specifies how she has no close to home issue with him yet is disturbed by the way that he is the ex of Preeta,

and she can’t change what has occurred anyway she can’t acknowledge their marriage as it didn’t occur before her, Kritika hurrying to her shouts how she can comprehend her sentiments as she is her mom and is stressed on the grounds that she was unable to be a piece of her wedding so she would indeed wed Prithvi, she inquires as to whether he approves of it, he shouts how he doesnot have any issue and couldn’t want anything more than to wed her on the off chance that it makes satisfaction their family, he anyway makes reference to a condition that the whole arrangements would be finished by Preeta,


Rakhi asks what is he saying, Prithvi clarifies how she has a ton of involvement with wedding as she has hitched Karan twice and furthermore held four capacities with him, even Shristhi is an expert, Karina concurs saying how Preeta made the marriage end among Kritika and Akshay anyway this time she would be accountable for orchestrating the whole capacities and should ensure that there isn’t anything that messes up them.



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