Kundali Bhagya 24 April 2021 Written Update


Preeta didn’t leave her yet rather secured her, she went to the inn where she, when all is said and done, wore her garments, in any event, recording her voice so Akshay doesnot get dubious yet he got some answers concerning her when she was attempting to leave,

he didn’t release her and surprisingly attempted to exploit her, she hence while attempting to ensure herself hit Akshay with the solitary thing that came in her grasp so the whole issue if of the girl of the family, she is sorry to Rakhi for all that has occurred, she comforts her disclosing there isn’t anything to stress over.


Pammi reveals to Rakhi that this is a result of her adoration that she got such decent bahus. Preeta will guarantee no damage goes ahead Luthra house. Additionally, assuming Sherlin can likewise accomplish something very similar, it’ll be superb. Rakhi gets befuddled. Sherlin looks on. Karan visits Preeta in prison. She gets glad seeing him and attempts to go to him, yet he stops her idiom would she say she is separated from everyone else capable to ensure house’s standing? To figure what others will say? She gets confounded. He says that Kritika revealed to him everything. Read more…..



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