Preeta asks Karan that they should go down the stairs to see the property, at that point Preeta subsequent to arriving at the gathering gets some information about the eatery when she clarifies that she isn’t really the assistant and her sister is the specialist, so she requested that her call the workplace which is the way she had the option to come.

Preeta requests that her show the register at that point is stunned to see that Mahira is in the room close to her own room. She disappears then calls Shrishti clarifying how Mahira is in the room close to her at which Shrishti requests that her not concern as she would come as soon and they are not that distant, the two of them request that the driver pick up the pace.

Preeta returns when karan clarifies that there is a veil gathering and she should choose her cover, Preeta takes the cover then the two of them head to the lobby, Mahira and Sherlin additionally take the covers, Mahira believes that she would grab Karan from her while wearing the cover.

Karan says that he would return, Preeta specifies that they are talking at which Karan clarifies that she ought not cherish him so much that she can’t remain alone significantly more a second, Shrishti clarifies that they saw Sherlin and Mahira and there is an awful information and it is that they are wanting to get Karan extremely high, Sameer clarifies that Sherlin and Sameer have gone to the corridor. Read FULL….