Today we see Myra standing in the balcony and Sherlyn comes over to stop her saying that she should not think of doing anything wrong and Ramona B comes from behind to say that After that we see that Myra refuses to obey them, that’s why she says leave me alone and both of you go from here, then mine says that both of you are fooling me because they both have fooled them. Because she does not hate each other but she was making a splash Ramola says that it is clear that she is a good friend and their relationship cannot be ruined so soon

Hey we see then Mona is ready to go back but Sherlyn tells that I can’t do anything because no one in the house is helping her even Rakhi Bandhi Preet loves like that so she doesn’t do anything Maya said that she will prepare a plan after which everyone will stop helping her father.

Rakhi goes to Myra’s room lying that she has to talk to him but there is no one to answer her fever, she gets very upset thinking that my change of room gets upset and then The father asks her to leave, she says that she can think that anything can happen between them, Preeta climbs too much thinking about it.

Next we see that Kausha made fun of him saying that she was claiming to be his wife some time back but now why is she doing such things then Preeta asks what she means by saying that she is remote She snatches that she will lower the temperature and is surprised to see that it is already set, then Karma pulls her close by saying that he will give her a boost and then we see that he kisses each other and To make him feel Preeta stops her and gives her the remote.

Siram sees that Rakhi says what I will do now. All the people are accepting this. Then she says that Romona is her best friend and she knows that Maya finds out when she was a child, then Rakhi She said that she had known that her friend should have a relationship but it has not happened because she had married Preeta in Karma, he apologizes to Maya, which stops her from saying that.

Next we see that she starts turning off the light but Srishti stops Janaki from turning off the light because she has to drink water, then Sarla also says that Janaki should bring Cobam because her head is hurting too much again. It is said that she will also put it on her head. She also asks Srishti to bring some water. Then Sarada asks Janaki why it was so important that she wanted to tell him in another’s house then Janaki says that she She was remembered and knew what had happened to her. Now we see that she asks in shame what happened to her.

Kundali Bhagya 24 October 2020 Written Updates

Because she knew that Preeta and Karan had just got married, yet she did not try to explain it at all, but had accepted all her decisions, Rakhi did not even give her a chance to say anything in her defense. Is that sample did not try to tell his son at all that he is very wrong and he should not do them all. Ramona mentions that this is not the case because her son actually came to study but Everyone in the house fell in love with her, even Preeta and Karna have said that there is absolutely nothing between them in Ranchi saying that she is right because they told her those things and even Kareena assured her But the circumstances were different and now Preeta and Karan are married.