The episode begins with Karan and Preeta refusing to eat. Dowry gets angry and leaves the room and says that I will just do what I should do, he does not care about it. Mahira says that Preeta feels that if she can win the heart by keeping this fast, then she is wrong on this point.

She says that no one will be able to stop me today because the elders have asked her to feed her and tries to force feed her but Preeta pushes her hand and the plate falls down from her house. That is why Karan calls, who has invented this Karva Chauth, where the wife has to starve all day. That is why the husband’s life is long and he asks himself what kind of reasoning is this and Preeta does not listen to him. And she refuses to let him eat her food. He says that I am not liking Preeta and her health is also not good and he cannot see her like this.

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On the other hand, someone tells Girish that someone is crying outside. She turns to him and asks what has happened. Girish says that he is talking to her mother about Preeta and tells her that he will pray for her too and told her that Vinay will also pray for her, Karna assures her that the father has nothing Will happen.

Preeta says that the woman wants to break her share but I can’t do that and she says that this game can be awake for the woman but not for her, it is a ritual that she never has Little does she ask him to leave from there.

The woman says how Preeta thinks that this is the game for her when it is most important to her because by using it she can prove to everyone that he does not drink Karan’s real wife and says that Preeta has She needs to get a portion of the food but she refuses, so now she needs to do something big and tells her not to blame any more as she cannot force him to do so. is.

Sherlyn asks Mahira if Preeta leaves him early. Mahira says that she did not do so, though she applauded seeing the dull face and condition. Ramona considers Mahira and says that they have completed the main period of their arrangement, until they need to execute the following step to show Arora one or two things. She asks Sherlyn to do something that she agrees to do. Rishabh says that it will be food contamination and the expert will be misunderstood as the poison may have been found in Preeta’s food.

Experts say it is not food contamination. Sherlyn acts like an anonymity and everyone runs towards her under stress. Sister advises Sarla to get ready early. Sameer calls Didi and tells her about Preeta’s condition before she expresses her deep gratitude for advising him and chooses to go to Luthra’s house alone.

Experts educated Luthra that Preeta and Sherlyn had comparable expressions and were influencing him. Sarla calls Didi. Sister advises her not to reach Luthra’s house as they are celebrating Karva Chauth in the club house and she is going there. Mahira tells Luthra that Sarla kicked the bucket of ladoos. Kareena requests that the experts test the laddus and send them to the laboratory.

The expert says she will refresh them once the test results are out. Karan says that laddus will not contain poison. Rishabh says that Sherlyn had become unexpectedly ill from the exact morning. She says that she ate the laddus a few hours later and Sarla attempted to kill her child.