Krithika was reviewing the present episodes. Prithvi comes there and attempts to converse with her. She understands that he is tanked and sends him out saying she need to remain alone. Karan cautions Prithvi to not fail to remember that Krithika is his sister and he will not leave him assuming he hurt her. Sherlyn says assuming Krithika said she would not like to wed Prithvi, Luthra’s will toss him out of the house. He says Krithika will confide in him again and plans to plan something for win her trust once more.

Akshay calls Krithika and says he found out about her marriage so he is glad for her. She reproves him for calling her and says she will not pardon him regardless of whether he apologize to her. He says he needed to wed her for her cash and says he needs cash still so he is thinking to extort her and says he will release their personal second pictures on the off chance that she doesn’t offer cash to him. She reviews the amount Preeta attempted to stop her marriage saying Akshay isn’t hero and cries.