Karina requests that Preeta apologize to Akshay anyway she shouts how she saw him with her own eyes, Akshay clarifies how there is no need on the grounds that the Luthra family has given him such a lot of affection and in the event that she can give him anything, at that point should simply give him a portion of her trust while she ought to likewise request her sister to think from him as he just longings to wed Kritika, Akshay’s mom additionally comes saying how she doesnot have any off-base affections for Preeta as she is much the same as her little girl and does she additionally imagine that there is some confusion about Akshay.

Kritika comes to Preeta, she in the wake of embracing her argues how she ought to fail to remember all that has happened in light of the fact that it would just make issues and with time, she would comprehend that whatever she has done ought not have occurred, they at that point leave and the whole Luthra family likewise leaves Preeta, Sameer is additionally not ready to meet Preeta as a result of the dread of Karina which stresses Preeta as she doesnot realize what to do.

karan drops off Sarla and the family, he requests Janki to take care from both Sarla and Shristhi as the two of them are passionate and need consideration, Shristhi expresses gratitude toward Karan for believing her when he makes reference to how he would consistently confide in her, Sarla likewise requests Karan to consistently be along the edge from Preeta when he says that in the event that she is correct, at that point he would consistently be next to her, Karan escapes the vehicle asking why Preeta consistently won’t tune in to his words since he doesnot feel right when anybody reproves her.

Preeta thinks how Karan would be truly irate on the grounds that she didn’t tune in to his words so he would be truly furious.

Rakhi is chatting with Mahesh clarifying how he couldn’t effectively secure the honor of Preeta when everybody was blaming her, she clarifies how she feels that Preeta can’t not be right as she has a decent and fair character and never makes any stride against an individual so would not be to blame, Preeta goes into the room and hears the whole discussion anyway Rakhi doesnot realize that she is remaining behind her, Preeta can’t bear her words so puts her hand on her shoulder.

Rakhi stands up clarifying how she was conversing with her Mahesh dad, she shouts how Preeta knows that she alongside her Mahesh Papa and the whole family love her and still, at the end of the day Karina chided her before everybody anyway she couldn’t remain against Karina and Dadi for which she is saying ‘sorry’ for not having the option to do anything as she felt that her brain had gotten staggered.

Rakhi clarifies how she feels Preeta is mixed up about Akshay in light of the fact that his connection with Kritika was organized well before time so for what reason would he do such an activity since she feels that there isn’t anything amiss with him, Rakhi at that point specifies how she realizes that on the off chance that Preeta is investigating the issue, at that point there is something incorrectly a she would have likewise done likewise anyway as a mother needs to encourage her to consistently be cautious prior to settling on a choice and never hurry into issue as she doesnot need that Preeta be charged again for a wrongdoing which she didn’t submit.

Shristhi is sitting in the house, Janki brings milk for her when Sarla comes to sit with her, Shrishti clarifies how she is feeling that Akshay talked lies about her and everybody in the Luthra family accepted his untruths, she inquires as to whether an embrace of a young lady implies that the young lady cherishes the kid which isn’t the situation, she begins crying when Sarla embraces her clarifying how she understands what Shrishti is able to do and that she Is her solid little girl so ought not concern on the grounds that regardless of whether the whole world is against her and still, at the end of the day she would be with her.

Sarla specifies how she is stressed in light of the fact that Shristhi is with her in her home anyway Preeta is living in the Luthra house and needs to satisfy all the relations which is the reason she is concerned since, in such a case that she is indeed not trusted due to what she has done then it would make a great deal of issues on the grounds that their connection as a couple was patched with such obstacles notwithstanding on the off chance that she is by and by misjudged due to what occurs, at that point it would make a ton of issues, Shristhi inquires as to for what reason is she thinking this way, Sarla shouts how she is compelled to in any event, when Karan guaranteed her with such love yet she is stressed, she at that point appeals to God for both karan and Preeta at that point requests that Shristhi drink the milk.

Preeta is amending the bed when Karan comes, she asks him for what valid reason it took so late and he clarifies how it was a direct result of the traffic when Preeta inquires as to whether he is furious with her to which Karan answers that he isn’t irate anyway frustrated with her.

Shrishti is crying in her room thinking about the accuse which Akshay put for her anyway then she gets a call from Sameer, disclosing how she wanted to chat with him he requests that she open the window then when he comes in she promptly embraces him, he asks what’s going on and for what good reason is she crying since they all realize she isn’t able to do such an activity to which Shristhi clarifies that she doesnot care about everyone’s opinion about her when her family understands what she is able to do so she isn’t concerned.

Shristhi clarifies how she is truly irate band the issue has become individual on the grounds that Akshay has tested her character which she can’t bear so now would battle and look for the confirmation against him till the time that she can assemble strong verification against him. Sameer additionally pledges to remain with her then the two of them call Preeta asking what she is doing in the first part of the day, Preeta shouts how she would assemble evidence against Akshay as he has focused on her sister which she can’t bear, she further shouts how she would be mindful so as to the degree that it doesnot mess up her relationship with Karan and the Luthra family. Read More…..