The scene starts with Sherlyn gives some sort of medication to Mahira and advises her to blend it in Karan’s beverage. She says subsequent to burning-through this he won’t recall that with whom he delighted in the vacation. Mahira says on the off chance that he won’t recollect that anything, at that point he will expect that he was with Preeta then no utilization of executing this arrangement. Sherlyn advises her to record everything and set out to accuse him saying he constrained her and afterward she should simply playing casualty card.

Mahira says she will reveal to him that first she faltered later she acknowledged him since she cherishes him. Sristy, Sameer comes to manali and advises the cabbie to drive quick. She says she will call Preeta and needs to illuminate her about Mahira and Sherlyn. He gets some information about their arrangement. She says she needs to caution her sister since they are here to ruin Preeta’s special night. He says he additionally realizes that yet he was getting some information about their definite arrangement. She says she will call Karan and will educate him concerning Kareena’s falsehood saying he needs to realize that she likewise held hands with Mahira, Sherlyn.

Preeta moves towards Karan. He gets entranced seeing her. She falls on him and they embraces one another. She says she figured her closeness won’t influence him. He says she fall on him. She was going to move from him however he holds her hand saying he doesn’t need her to go. He says he feels something at whatever point she approaches him and says he needs that to occur with her likewise at whatever point he draws near to her. She feels bashful and runs from him and stands infront of mirror with vermillion box.

He follows her and hauls her towards him and fills her temple with vermillion. They grins at one another and she embraces him. He advises her to take his garments out from his sack saying he needs to shower now. He says she picked some unacceptable garments for him and takes another arrangement of garments and enters the restroom.

Sristy discloses to Sameer that Preeta isn’t picking her call and calls Karan. Preeta picks Karan’s versatile. Sristy says she called to converse with her just and says she is glad that Preeta is with Karan as it were. Preeta gets befuddled hearing her. Sristy advises her to remain alarm and says Mahira isn’t in Luthra house. Preeta says so she saw Mahira just in lodging. Sristy says Sameer checked Mahira’s room and says she doesn’t have a clue what was Mahira’s accurate arrangement however she is in manali to ruin Preeta’s wedding trip.