Next we see that Sherlyn says that she cannot be Preetha’s sister-in-law, after that Preeta tells her that she can expose her to everyone right now if she wants to but she did not because she is like breaking the ties like him. Does not believe and then we see that she says that her family is her own priority and their happiness is they did not want to disturb them that is why it would be good if Shehling also try to find her happiness in this family happiness only then she is happy Can live because she will never get such a family again in her life.

Next we see that Preeta asks what is Sherlyn’s relationship with Prithvi, so Charani stares at her and listens silently, how Preeti says that Janki had seen them together and how he had killed her. There was a big conspiracy so that she could not reveal her truth to others, then she says that God has saved her life at that time and just lost her memory and today she remembered everything and due to which the truth was revealed. . Today we see that Sherlyn starts laughing.

And says how can Preeta trust Janaki so much and says that she has no connection with Prithvi at all because she is not his light, says that she cannot even tell where she is leaving her reception And then she says that now she is trying to blackmail him but she tells him that I am not afraid of you because she does not tell anyone anything no matter how much she trusts him.

Kundali Bhagya 23 October 2020 Written Updates

Then the address says that at first she did not believe Sherlyn’s story at all, but when she believed Luthra’s wish like she did today, she explained where she went. And she has all the evidence against him and is also a witness. Then she says that she is not doing anything against him because she does not want Luthra to face stress again.

We see that Rakhi remembers how Sarla blamed her. Next we see that she tells Mahesh that Mehra is staying in this house only because of her and Karna, Preeta is married, now she is the daughter-in-law of Luthra, so now it is her responsibility to support Preeta. That she says that you will fix everything, then only Preeta will get justice.

Today we see that Preeta tells Karan that she should stop like this because she is feeling very cold and both of them start fighting for the remote and I tell her that she should go on her own and take it which causes her to get cold Will not start and then both of them start arguing with each other.

In the episode of Kundali Bhagya, we will see that a romantic atmosphere has been created between Preeta and Karna and she is quarreling in her bedroom due to the small fuzzy note when Preeta tries to romance Karan with her hands remote control. She runs into the bedroom to keep them both when they are fighting, when Preeta falls over to do the bed and tries to get fat, they both look into each other’s eyes and a romantic music background starts ringing. And both get lost in each other and then we see that now we will see further whether the romance of both Kareena and Preeta will continue like this or will there be a bottleneck.