Kundali Bhagya 22 June 2021 Written update : Sherlin strolls into the room calling Prithvi, he shouts he was simply thinking about her, she arranges him to not still think about her, he asks what has occurred as she appears to be strained, Sherlin specifies that Karan acknowledged he killed Akshay to save Preeta so how would he be able to help her, he asks what does she mean when she questions in the event that he will acknowledge he killed Akshay, Prithvi immediately denies, he explains that he implied he can do anything for her yet won’t do it, in view of the law as it can positively discover reality with regards to who the genuine killer is and they are at last captured,

he considers what has he expressed talking, Sherlin questions in the event that he accepts she won’t cherish him as she isn’t care for him and is caring, she then, at that point makes reference to that Preeta got delivered on the grounds that Karan acknowledged he killed Akshay, she then, at that point is concerned of what he said that law can get the evidence against the killer, she then, at that point asks him for cash yet he won’t help her idiom he doesnot have even a penny,

she questions for what reason did he then, at that point say he flies in a contracted plane, he acknowledged he was lying however she promises to take the gems from Rakhi in the evening, Prithvi specifies that Sherlin has lost her psyche as she trusts Rishab will help her, he is better then him yet in dissatisfaction he chooses to chat with Sherlin subsequent to arriving at the house.

Kundali Bhagya 22 June 2021 Written update

Preeta is in the room sobbing, she remaining close to the bed considers how she used to battle with Karan over the pad, she lies subsequent to keeping her head on it while crying, the breeze streams, she can’t rest so sitting thinks she has not educated anybody about Sherlin however once she can demonstrate that Sherlin killed Akshay, she will fail to remember she is pregnant and would effectively save her significant other.